MNCAT Plus Upgrade

The Libraries will be upgrading MNCAT Plus during late August. The upgrade will take place in stages staring on Saturday, August 21 and continuing through the week of August 29. Our goal is to minimize downtime while the upgrade in progress. However, there will be a few periods of downtime lasting 1 - 2 hours. In addition, personalized features, such as the e-shelf, will be unavailable during part of the upgrade. No new items (books, journals, etc.) will be loaded into MNCAT Plus during the upgrade.

On Thursday morning, August 26, at approximately 6 a.m., the process of migrating data to the new version of MNCAT Plus will begin. During this time, MNCAT Plus will be available for searching, but the following features will be unavailable:

  • E-shelf
  • Reviews and Tags
  • Saved Queries and Alerts
  • Modifying Personal Preferences
We apologize for the inconvenience. More information on the new version of MNCAT Plus is available here.



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