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Searching by Bibliographic Record no/System ID

Have you tried to remember or find the MNCAT Classic Command for the Bibliographic Record no. / System ID number and couldn't find it listed anywhere?

This crucial identifying number, which appears at the very end of a MNCAT Classic record, can be searched in either Classic (Command) or in Primo (keyword). Let's say that you copy it from the last line in a MNCAT Classic record, or somebody gives you a Bib record number, also referred to as a  system ID number -- for example, 005918770. Let's say you write this down, and need to look it up later and can't remember or don't have the title, or the title is too short to get the specific record you want, or maybe the book is in Russian, or some other language that seems tricky to type into MNCAT. 

Here's what to do:
  • For Classic, use SYS= and you can remove the leading zeros, or leave them in; (SYS= does not have to be in capital letters, either)
  • For Primo, you must keep the zeros and stick it right onto umn_aleph

Try it:

in MNCAT Primo        umn_aleph005918770

in MNCAT Classic Command:  
sys=005918770 or




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