A graduate student with whom I've worked asked if there was an
American version of WELLESLEY INDEX (for 19th century periodicals).
My reply is below; I thought it might be useful for others Wilson
ref desk staff (and some others) as well so am copying my reply to the list.
-from an email sent by DLn to the Ref group list.
see continued for links and explanations:

Where's that page now?

Book Reviews

Dictionaries (KC)
Dictionaries backup url (KC)

Encyclopedias in other languages
(KT) note - mostly print resources here so far - consider developing this page!

Encyclopedias, Subject (KC)


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Primary Sources for History Day

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Scanner in Wilson

a note from KT in Ref:

I just found out they installed a new scanner in the basement next to the value port machine. The machine looks like a large duplex printer, which it is, and is being used by the uniprint station down there now. But the top of it is a very robust scanner that can scan in text and images and save them to a usb drive! This is really great for all of those outsiders that come in that want to either scan or photocopy something but do not have money or a Gopher Card. I can think of a lot of benefits this has for our users and for the public. The one caveat is that you need a usb drive. I guess the machine does have problems with certain flash drives, but the one that is stored at the reference desk does work. So if a user is having problems with theirs, we can go down with them, use ours, bring the USB drive back up and email the documents to them.

Other information about the scanner:

1. It can do various resolutions from 100 DPI to 800 DPI. And yes, it does color.
2. Normally the images are saved as PDF but you can select TIFF or JPEG.
3. It cannot print these scans. You absolutely need a flash drive. This is why it is free to use.
4. You can do a preview of how the image works that will display on the options screen.
5. You can scan while someone is using the Uniprint to print. It uses 2 separate processors.


Business Reference collection

Selected titles from the have been reclassed and placed in Wilson Reference. There remain a number of titles that require clean up but MNCAT should now reflect accurate locations for most titles. If you have specific questions about titles, please refer them to Lynn Skupeko.

Titles that remain classed as Wilson Business Reference in MNCAT will eventually be added to the general collection. For the interim these items marked as Business Reference have been moved to the History Day / Business Reference alcove. Here you will also find the microfiche and paper annual reports.

A couple of titles I want to bring to your attention now because the catalog records are very confusing:

1. Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal (also known as CityBusiness) newspaper
Current location remains "Business Reference" and all issues are on the annual report shelves. This title is slated to go to periodicals, pending a decision on electronic acquisition and/or space. Wils Bus Quarto HF 3163 .M65 C58

2. Value Line Investment Survey (covering large cap companies) - The library has a license to the online and print products. Most users prefer the electronic access (find it in the A-Z list) but we have a Friend of the Libraries user who prefers the print. This patron is in every week for the updated edition, which get checked in by serials. So verify in MNCAT whether we've received the most recent (if it's not yet in the binder). The call number is: Wils Ref Quarto HG4501 . V26 pt 1 and 3. Please be careful not to select the very similar title, Value Line Investment Survey Small and Mid-Cap at call number Wils Ref Quarto HG 4501. V262. on the shelf.

Hope this helps. Talk with Lynn or myself regarding questions, concerns.


Simmons/Choices 3 CD


Students are already asking for the Simmons/Choices 3 CD. These are both journalism and business students. A short description can be found in the A-Z list on the Libraries home page.

The CD is loaded on the second CD workstation (signage is present). Small profile chairs have been requested. The business librarians have created very helpful print guides as well as an online tutorial (links below). Please show these help guides to students. Training for desk staff is forthcoming.

Note that students can download, print, save and email search results. Printing currently goes to uniprint. We have requested that Linden (desk printer) be added as another print option.

Online Tutorial for Simmons Choices

Guide to using SimmonsChoices (powerpoint)

If a user's question is too detailed, please remember you can always refer to the business librarians.

Star Tribune: searching in ProQuest NewsStand

Denny, FYI. Sorry, the answer from ProQuest is of the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" variety... Looks like one can only link to the Basic screen for Star Trib in PQ News.

Q: When I go to the Star Tribune (archives via ProQuest Newsstand), it puts me in the Star Tribune in "basic" search mode, as expected. But when I then click on "Advanced" it throws me out of the Star Tribune-only to "Multiple Databases." Can this be fixed?

A. The reason you are experiencing this is [because] the Star Tribune is [a] subcategory of ProQuest Newsstand and thereby cannot be searched independently, unlike the Chicago Tribune which is its own category.

I would recommend performing an advanced search with ProQuest Newsstand as
the database selected.
Then click on the More Search Options link towards the bottom of the page.
The first empty field is for the publication title; if you use the hyperlink to look up the publication you can filter and select Star Tribune.
This will allow you to narrow your search to this publication.

Guides to Library Resources

We should create a good list or better yet, a database of all our online guides. in the meantime:


Handouts to Download old, from 2006

Handouts for Staff - very old


Refworks main page (with many links on left sidebar)

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Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences: Wilson /Reference Guides

Government Publications: Government Publications Guides

Health, Medicine: Bio-Medical Library Research Help, Guides & Tutorials

St. Paul subjects ( St. Paul subject list on main page)


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Accessing Your Server Space PC (PDF-320KB) Mac (PDF-444KB)
iMovie Quickstart (PDF-1096KB)
Microsoft Excel Guide (PDF-449KB)
A variety of Handouts from U of Michigan (offsite)

Poster Making and Printing
Poster Design Tutorial (From College of Biological Sciences)
PowerPoint to PDF conversion guide for Mac OS X (offsite - REQUIRES Acrobat Pro)
PowerPoint to PDF conversion guide for PCs (REQUIRES CutePDF)

UMN Network Status - Check here for information about E-Mail and Network outages.
ADCS Networking Guides - Configuration guides for wireless ethernet, wired ethernet or dial-up connections.

Hardware Suppport
Epson Scan Quickstart (PDF-weblink)
Epson Scan Reference Guide (PDF-weblink)