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Scanner in Wilson

a note from KT in Ref:

I just found out they installed a new scanner in the basement next to the value port machine. The machine looks like a large duplex printer, which it is, and is being used by the uniprint station down there now. But the top of it is a very robust scanner that can scan in text and images and save them to a usb drive! This is really great for all of those outsiders that come in that want to either scan or photocopy something but do not have money or a Gopher Card. I can think of a lot of benefits this has for our users and for the public. The one caveat is that you need a usb drive. I guess the machine does have problems with certain flash drives, but the one that is stored at the reference desk does work. So if a user is having problems with theirs, we can go down with them, use ours, bring the USB drive back up and email the documents to them.

Other information about the scanner:

1. It can do various resolutions from 100 DPI to 800 DPI. And yes, it does color.
2. Normally the images are saved as PDF but you can select TIFF or JPEG.
3. It cannot print these scans. You absolutely need a flash drive. This is why it is free to use.
4. You can do a preview of how the image works that will display on the options screen.
5. You can scan while someone is using the Uniprint to print. It uses 2 separate processors.