October 14, 2010

Where's that page now?

Book Reviews

Dictionaries (KC)
Dictionaries backup url (KC)

Encyclopedias in other languages
(KT) note - mostly print resources here so far - consider developing this page!

Encyclopedias, Subject (KC)


Approved How To Find lists *

Primary Sources for History Day

approved list as of Oct 14 2010 contains:

# Archives
# Articles
# Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
# Dissertations & Theses
# Government Information
# Maps
# Music
# News Sources

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June 26, 2009

Guides to Library Resources

We should create a good list or better yet, a database of all our online guides. in the meantime:


Handouts to Download old, from 2006

Handouts for Staff - very old


Refworks main page (with many links on left sidebar)

Style Manuals & Citation Guides


Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences: Wilson /Reference Guides

Government Publications: Government Publications Guides

Health, Medicine: Bio-Medical Library Research Help, Guides & Tutorials

St. Paul subjects ( St. Paul subject list on main page)


formerly listed on Wilson SMART commons page which now redirects to SMART page
Technology Resources
Accessing Your Server Space PC (PDF-320KB) Mac (PDF-444KB)
iMovie Quickstart (PDF-1096KB)
Microsoft Excel Guide (PDF-449KB)
A variety of Handouts from U of Michigan (offsite)

Poster Making and Printing
Poster Design Tutorial (From College of Biological Sciences)
PowerPoint to PDF conversion guide for Mac OS X (offsite - REQUIRES Acrobat Pro)
PowerPoint to PDF conversion guide for PCs (REQUIRES CutePDF)

UMN Network Status - Check here for information about E-Mail and Network outages.
ADCS Networking Guides - Configuration guides for wireless ethernet, wired ethernet or dial-up connections.

Hardware Suppport
Epson Scan Quickstart (PDF-weblink)
Epson Scan Reference Guide (PDF-weblink)