August 20, 2009

Star Tribune: searching in ProQuest NewsStand

Denny, FYI. Sorry, the answer from ProQuest is of the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" variety... Looks like one can only link to the Basic screen for Star Trib in PQ News.

Q: When I go to the Star Tribune (archives via ProQuest Newsstand), it puts me in the Star Tribune in "basic" search mode, as expected. But when I then click on "Advanced" it throws me out of the Star Tribune-only to "Multiple Databases." Can this be fixed?

A. The reason you are experiencing this is [because] the Star Tribune is [a] subcategory of ProQuest Newsstand and thereby cannot be searched independently, unlike the Chicago Tribune which is its own category.

I would recommend performing an advanced search with ProQuest Newsstand as
the database selected.
Then click on the More Search Options link towards the bottom of the page.
The first empty field is for the publication title; if you use the hyperlink to look up the publication you can filter and select Star Tribune.
This will allow you to narrow your search to this publication.

May 6, 2009

U of M Google Initiative

Here's the Google Initiative Q & A page which at this date has lots more info than the Google Initiative home page.

Here's the announcement from the U's Brief:

Vol. XXXIX No. 18; May 6, 2009
Editor: Adam Overland,


GOOGLE APPS FOR THE U IS UNDERWAY, with implementation planned for early fall. The Google Initiative project Web site is the place to find the most current information on the project. This site includes a Q&A page, as well as general information. Regular and timely updates will be posted to the site. Questions and comments can be sent to the project team. For more information, see Google Apps.

May 4, 2009

Refworks & Write-N-Cite, PCs & Macs, doc and docx

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is old news to users, but I've been working closely with RefWorks for a couple years now and I thought this issue had been just a heads up in case the question comes your way.

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