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Welcome to MyTest Blog!

This blog is just an example of stuff you can do with a blog. Welcome to the bloggy world!

I've inserted some images that show you how to insert images into your blog. 
(These are SnagIt screen captures - SnagIt is a software you can have installed if you need it) 
You can, of course, upload photos and other image files too. 

To insert an image when you're inside a blog entry, click the little icon (fifth from the right, looks like a little house). That's going to give you the option to upload a file from your computer:


Below in "File Options," you will usually need and want to change the thumbnail size to about 300 to 600. Any larger and it's going to go off the screen and be overwhelming. Visitors to your blog can click on the thumbnail to get the full size image, so you won't lose that by downsizing the thumbnail.  In any case you can experiment with the effects by trying different settings when you upload images.

Recent Assets

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