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You may have read about the planned transfer of books in the Dewey section of the Wilson Library that have not had much circulation in the last ten years to our storage space in the vaults beneath Andersen Library (MLAC - Minnesota Library Access Center) on west bank of campus.

As many of you know, the Wilson general stacks are currently at close to 90% capacity. Standard library practice recommends an 85% capacity or less, to allow for growth and flexibility. We are currently adding approximately 500 new books to the collection per week, or 26,000 volumes per year.

To address this ongoing space problem, a planning group has been working over the past months to identify material most likely to be considered for transfer to MLAC. We are proposing to move 150,000 volumes from Wilson Library to accommodate the predicted growth of the collection for the next five to six years. This is the second such move for Wilson. The first phase took place in 2002/03 when, after careful consultation with users, the Libraries transferred 160,000 books from Wilson to MLAC.

Please, look at the website below for information on the books that are going to be transfered. There you will find a browsable database of the titles we propose to move, as well as a link to the website in the News from the Libraries section on the University Libraries homepage.

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