Approval plan books B-BD only since July 1

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Approval plan books sent to the library in B-BD only, since July 1 2008.

Title Author Pub Yr

Acting Out; Trans. By David Barison. Stiegler, Bernard 2009
Aesthetic Body: Passion, Sensibility, And Corporeality In Seventeenth-Century France. Koch, Erec R., 1958- 2008
Alain Badiou: Live Theory. Feltham, Oliver 2008
Anselm On Freedom. Rogers, Katherin A 2008
Anselm. Visser, Sandra, 1965- 2009
Aristotle's Dialogue With Socrates: On The Nicomachean Ethics. Burger, Ronna, 1947- 2008
Before The Voice Of Reason: Echoes Of Responsibility In Merleau-Ponty's Ecology And Levinas's Ethics. Kleinberg-Levin, David Michael, 1939- 2008
Being For: Evaluating The Semantic Program Of Expressivism. Schroeder, Mark Andrew, 1977- 2008
Being Reduced: New Essays On Reduction, Explanation, And Causation 2008
Belief About The Self: A Defense Of The Property Theory Of Content. Feit, Neil 2008
Benjamin's -Abilities. Weber, Samuel, 1940- 2008
Bergson-Deleuze Encounters: Transcendental Experience At The Thought Of The Virtual. Moulard-Leonard, Valentine, 1972- 2008
Between Saying And Doing: Towards An Analytic Pragmatism. Brandom, Robert B 2008
Beyond Power: Simone Weil And The Notion Of Authority. Avery, Desmond, 1945- 2008
Bodies Of Thought: Science, Religion, And The Soul In The Early Enlightenment. Thomson, Ann 2008
Buddhism And Postmodernity: Zen, Huayan, And The Possibility Of Buddhist Postmodern Ethics. Park, Jin Y 2008
Cartesian Reflections: Essays On Descartes's Philosophy. Cottingham, John, 1943- 2008
Confessions Of A Confirmed Extensionalist And Other Essays Quine, W.V. (Willard Van Orman) 2008
Consciousness And The Existence Of God: A Theistic Argument. Moreland, James Porter, 1948- 2008
Constitution Of The Human Being: From The Posthumous Works, Volumes 11 And 12; Trans. By John Cutting. Scheler, Max, 1874-1928 2008
Conversations. Irigaray, Luce 2008
Corpus; Trans. By Richard A. Rand. Nancy, Jean-Luc 2008
Custom And Reason In Hume: A Kantian Reading Of The First Book Of The Treatise. Allison, Henry E 2008
Death And Character: Further Reflections On Hume. Baier, Annette 2008
Death, 'Deathlessness' And Existenz In Karl Jaspers' Philosophy. Peach, Filiz 2008
Deleuze And Politics 2008
Derrida Vis-A-Vis Lacan: Interweaving Deconstruction And Psychoanalysis. Hurst, Andrea (Andrea Margaret) 2008
Describing Ourselves: Wittgenstein And Autobiographical Consciousness. Hagberg, Garry, 1952- 2008
Dialectics For The New Century 2008
Epicureanism At The Origins Of Modernity. Wilson, Catherine, 1951- 2008
Epistemic Dimensions Of Personhood. Evnine, Simon 2008
Epistemology And Emotions 2008
Epistemology: New Essays 2008
Ernst Cassirer: The Last Philosopher Of Culture. Skidelsky, Edward 2008
Ethics Of Emmanuel Levinas. Perpich, Diane 2008
Ethics, Love, And Faith In Kierkegaard: Philosophical Engagements 2008
Evidence 2008
Evolutionism In Eighteenth-Century French Thought. Gregory, Mary Efrosini 2008
Experimental Philosophy 2008
External World And Our Knowledge Of It: Hume's Critical Realism, An Exposition And A Defence. Wilson, Fred, 1937- 2008
Fielding Derrida: Philosophy, Literary Criticism, History, And The Work Of Deconstruction. Kates, Joshua 2008
Finding Freedom: Hegelian Philosophy And The Emancipation Of Women. Macdonald, Sara 2008
Following Putnam's Trail: On Realism And Other Issues 2008
Foucault In An Age Of Terror: Essays On Biopolitics And The Defence Of Society 2008
Foundations Of Aristotle's Categorial Scheme. Studtmann, Paul, 1969- 2008
French Interpretations Of Heidegger: An Exceptional Reception 2008
From Empedocles To Wittgenstein: Historical Essays In Philosophy. Kenny, Anthony, 1931- 2008
Gilson Lectures On Thomas Aquinas. 2008
God, Man, And Well-Being: Spinoza's Modern Humanism. Den Uyl, Douglas J 2008
Hegel On Hamann; Trans. By Lisa Marie Anderson. Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831 2008
Hegel's Phenomenology Of Spirit: A Critical Guide 2008
Heidegger's Jewish Followers: Essays On Hannah Arendt, Leo Strauss, Hans Jonas, And Emmanuel Levinas. 2008
Hobbema And Heidegger: On Truth And Beauty. Gordon, Rivca 2008
Humans, Animals, Machines: Blurring Boundaries. Mazis, Glen A., 1951- 2008
Idea And Ontology: An Essay In Early Modern Metaphysics Of Ideas. Hight, Marc A., 1969- 2008
Ideal Embodiment: Kant's Theory Of Sensibility. Nuzzo, Angelica 2008
Identity Politics In Deconstruction: Calculating With The Incalculable. D'cruz, Carolyn 2008
Image Of Law: Deleuze, Bergson, Spinoza. Lefebvre, Alexandre, 1979- 2008
In Defense Of Kant's Religion. Firestone, Chris L 2008
Jacques Derrida's Ghost: A Conjuration. Appelbaum, David 2009
John Dewey's Ethics: Democracy As Experience. Pappas, Gregory Fernando 2008
Kant And The Early Moderns 2008
Kant And The Role Of Pleasure In Moral Action. Morrisson, Iain P.D 2008
Kant's Theory Of The Self. Melnick, Arthur 2009
Kierkegaard And Levinas: Ethics, Politics, And Religion 2008
Knowledge And Self-Knowledge In Plato's Theaetetus. Tschemplik, Andrea 2008
Lectures On Logic: Berlin, 1831; Trans. By Clark Butler. Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831 2008
Legacy Of Anne Conway (1631-1679): Reverberations From A Mystical Naturalism. White, Carol Wayne, 1962- 2008
Leibniz's Metaphysics Of Time And Space. Futch, Michael J 2008
Levinas And The Ancients 2008
Literature, Philosophy, Nihilism: The Uncanniest Of Guests. Weller, Shane 2008
Material Phenomenology; Trans. By Scott Davidson. Henry, Michel, 1922-2002 2008
Meditations Of Global First Philosophy: Quest For The Missing Grammar Of Logos. Gangadean, Ashok K., 1941- 2008
Memoirs Jonas, Hans, 1903-1993 2008
Mental Causation: A Nonreductive Approach. Campbell, Neil 2008
Mental Causation: The Mind-Body Problem. Dardis, Anthony 2008
Merleau-Ponty. Carman, Taylor, 1965- 2008
Metaphysical Vision: Arthur Schopenhauer's Philosophy Of Art And Life And Samuel Beckett's Own Way To Make Use Of It. Pothast, Ulrich 2008
Metaphysics: Contemporary Readings 2008
Modern Philosophical Revolution: The Luminosity Of Existence. Walsh, David, 1950- 2008
Names Of Nihil; Trans. By Robertas Beinartas. Sliogeris, Arvydas 2008
Narrative Identity And Moral Identity: A Practical Perspective. Atkins, Kim 2008
Necessity And Possibility: The Logical Strategy Of Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason. Mosser, Kurt 2008
Neoplatonism. Remes, Paulina 2008
Newton As Philosopher. Janiak, Andrew 2008
On Heidegger's Being And Time Schurmann, Reiner, 1941- 2008
Our Knowledge Of The Internal World. Stalnaker, Robert 2008
Overcoming Modernity: Synchronicity And Image-Thinking; Trans. By Shigenori Nagatomo. Yasuo, Yuasa 2008
Parmenides, Cosmos, And Being: A Philosophical Interpretation. Thanassas, Panagiotis 2007
Personal Agency: The Metaphysics Of Mind And Action. Lowe, E.J. (E. Jonathan) 2008
Philosophy And The Vision Of Language. Livingston, Paul M., 1976- 2008
Philosophy In Turbulent Times: Canguilhem, Satre, Foucault, Althusser, Deleuze, Derrida. Roudinesco, Elisabeth 2008
Philosophy Of Elizabeth Anscombe. Teichmann, Roger, 1963- 2008
Philosophy Of Human Nature. Kainz, Howard P 2008
Philosophy Of John Norris. Mander, W.J 2008
Philosophy Of Simone De Beauvoir: Ambiguity, Conversion, Resistance. Deutscher, Penelope, 1966- 2008
Physiology And Phenomenology Of Action; Trans. By Christopher Macann. Berthoz, A 2008
Plato On Moral Expertise. Jenks, Rod 2008
Plato: Protagoras Plato 2008
Pragmatism And Reference. Boersema, David 2009
Providence Lost. Lloyd, Genevieve 2008
Psycho-Physical Dualism Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2008
Pyrrhonism: How The Ancient Greeks Reinvented Buddhism. Kuzminski, Adrian, 1944- 2008
Quine In Dialogue Quine, W.V. (Willard Van Orman) 2008
Radical Atheism: Derrida And The Time Of Life. Hagglund, Martin 2008
Rationality And Moral Theory: How Intimacy Generates Reasons. Jeske, Diane, 1967- 2008
Reading Nietzsche At The Margins 2008
Reading Ricoeur 2008
Real Materialism And Other Essays. Strawson, Galen 2008
Reapprendre A Voir Le Monde: Merleau-Ponty Face Au Miroir Lacanien. Dorfman, Eran 2007
Reconstructing Democracy, Recontextualizing Dewey: Pragmatism And Interactive Constructivism In The Twenty-First. 2008
Refiguring The Ordinary. Weiss, Gail 2008
Reflections On Time And Politics. Widder, Nathan, 1970- 2008
Relative Truth 2008
Religions Challenged By Contingency: Theological And Philosophical Approaches To The Problem Of Contingency. 2008
Repetition, Difference, And Knowledge In The Work Of Samuel Beckett, Jacques Derrida, And Gilles Deleuze. Gendron, Sarah 2008
Rescuing Dewey: Essays In Pragmatic Naturalism. Manicas, Peter T 2008
Ritual And Deference: Extending Chinese Philosophy In A Comparative Context. Neville, Robert Cummings 2008
Robert Brandom. Wanderer, Jeremy, 1972- 2008
Rousseau's Theodicy Of Self-Love: Evil, Rationality, And The Drive For Recognition. Neuhouser, Frederick 2008
Sartre Explained: From Bad Faith To Authenticity. Detmer, David, 1958- 2008
Shame And Philosophy: An Investigation In The Philosophy Of Emotions And Ethics. Hutchinson, Phil 2008
Sharing The World. Irigaray, Luce 2008
Spinoza. Della Rocca, Michael 2008
Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872-1950 2008
Structure And Being: A Theoretical Framework For A Systematic Philosophy; Trans. By Alan White. Puntel, Lorenz B. (Lorenz Bruno) 2008
Structure Of Objects. Koslicki, Kathrin 2008
Subject's Point Of View. Farkas, Katalin 2008
Supersizing The Mind: Embodiment, Action, And Cognitive Extension. Clark, Andy, 1957- 2008
There Is No Such Thing As A Social Science: In Defence Of Peter Winch. Hutchinson, Phil 2008
Transformative Phenomenology: Changing Ourselves, Lifeworlds, And Professonal Practice. 2008
Treatise Of Master Hervaeus Natalis (D. 1323), The Doctor Perspicacissimus: On Second Intentions. Hervaeus Natalis, D. 1323 2008
Unstable Universalities: Poststructuralism And Radical Politics. Newman, Saul 2007
Vagueness, Logic And Ontology. Hyde, Dominic 2008
Visible And The Revealed; Trans. By Christina M. Gschwandtner. Marion, Jean-Luc, 1946- 2008
Vision Of Gabriel Marcel: Epistemology, Human Person, The Transcendent. Sweetman, Brendan 2008
When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane's Ethnography Of The Other World. Hansen, Wilburn 2008
When Truth Gives Out. Richard, Mark 2008
Why The Humanities Matter: A Commonsense Approach. Aldama, Frederick Luis, 1969- 2008
William James At The Boundaries: Philosophy, Science, And The Geography Of Knowledge. Bordogna, Francesca 2008
World For Us: The Case For Phenomenalistic Idealism. Foster, John, 1941 May 5- 2008
Writing The History Of The Mind: Philosophy And Science In France, 1900 To 1960s. Chimisso, Cristina 2008
Zoographies: The Question Of The Animal From Heidegger To Derrida. Calarco, Matthew, 1972- 2008

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