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Applied Ethics and Social Problems: Moral Questions of Birth, Society and Death. Fitzpatrick, Tony, 1966- 2008

Argumentation Schemes. Walton, Douglas N 2008

Arrow That Flies By Day: Existential Images of the Human Condition From Socrates To Hannah Arendt: A
Philosophy For Dark Times. Murchland, Bernard 2008

Derrida: Writing Events. Wortham, Simon Morgan 2008

Dialectics: A Classical Approach To Inquiry. Rescher, Nicholas 2007

Epistemology A-Z. Blaauw, Martijn 2005

Ethics and War In the 21st Century. Coker, Christopher 2008

Ethics In Culture: the Dissemination of Values Through Literature and Other Media 2008

Ethics of Global Development: Agency, Capability, and Deliberative Democracy. Crocker, David A 2008

Free Will: Sourcehood and Its Alternatives. Timpe, Kevin 2008

Genetic Democracy: Philosophical Perspectives 2008

Global Ethics: Seminal Essays 2008

Historiographical Concept 'System of Philosophy': Its Origin, Nature, Influence and Legitimacy. Catana, Leo 2008

How Successful Is Naturalism? 2007

Human Conscience and Muslim-Christian Relations: Modern Egyptian Thinkers on Al-Damir. Leirvik, Oddbjorn 2006

Ibn 'Arabi--Time and Cosmology. Yousef, Mohamed Haj 2008

Introduction To Islamic Philosophy; Trans. By Caroline Higgitt. Campanini, Massimo, 1954- 2008

Introduction To Kant's Anthropology Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984 2008

Is Goodness Without God Good Enough?: A Debate on Faith, Secularism, and Ethics 2009

Jewish Philosophy: Foundations and Extensions; V. 1: General Questions and Considerations. Jospe, Raphael 2008

Kierkegaard and the Patristic and Medieval Traditions 2008

Kierkegaard on Ethics and Religion: From Either/ Or To Philosophical Fragments. Kirkconnell, W. Glenn 2008

Moral Constraints on War: Principles and Cases 2008

Omniscience: From A Logical Point of View. Weingartner, Paul 2008

On Waiting. Schweizer, Harold, 1950- 2008

Oxford Handbook of Continental Philosophy 2007

Oxford Handbook of Plato 2008

Perspectives on Perception 2007

Philosophies of Communication: Implications For Everyday Experience 2008

Philosophy of Schopenhauer. Jacquette, Dale 2005

Philosophy of Sex and Love: An Introduction. Soble, Alan 2008

Reflexive Nature of Consciousness. Janzen, Greg 2008

Revenge of the Liar: New Essays on the Paradox 2007

Sartre. Morris, Katherine J 2008

Science of Compassionate Love: theory, Research, and Applications 2009

Sophists: An Introduction 2008

Spiritual Dimensions of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Risale-I Nur 2008

Substance and Attribute: Western and Islamic Traditions In Dialogue 2007

Theodor W. Adorno: one Last Genius; Trans. By Rodney Livingstone. Claussen, Detlev 2008

Tropes, Universals and the Philosophy of Mind: Essays At the Boundary of ontology and Philosophical Psychology. 2008

Trust: Self-Interest and the Common Good. Kohn, Marek 2008

Understanding German Idealism. Dudley, Will 2007

Violence: Six Sideways Reflections. Zizek, Slavoj 2008

War and Ethics: A New Just War theory. Fotion, Nicholas 2007

World Philosophies Smart, Ninian, 1927- 2008

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