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The titles below were selected for Philosophy, Jewish Studies or Religious Studies.
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All things natural: ficino on plato's timaeus; trans. By arthur farndell. Ficino, marsilio, 1433-1499 ebook 2010
Feeling persecuted: christians, jews and images of violence in the middle ages. Bale, anthony paul, 1975- cloth 2010
Feminist companion to the apocalypse of john paper 2009
Iamblichus of chalcis: the letters iamblichus, ca. 250-ca. 330 cloth 2010
Jacques ranciere. Davis, oliver, 1977- paper 2010
Jew is not my enemy: unveiling the myths that fuel muslim anti-semitism. Fatah, tarek cloth 2010
Judaism and the visual image: a jewish theology of art. Raphael, melissa cloth 2009
Latina/o social ethics: moving beyond eurocentric moral thinking. De la torre, miguel a paper 2010
Little prince. Sfar, joann cloth 2010
Philosophy of pain; trans. By john irons. Vetlesen, arne johan, 1960- ebook 2009
Political history of early christianity. Brent, allen paper 2009
Rashi--linguist despite himself: a study of the linguistic dimension of rabbi solomon yishaqi's commentary on deuteronomy. Kearney, jonathan f ebook 2010
Religious cohesion in times of conflict: christian-muslim relations in segregated towns. Holden, andrew, 1964- paper 2009
Religious philosophy of liang shuming: the hidden buddhist. Meynard, thierry cloth 2011
Resourcing new testament studies: literary, historical, and theological essays in honor of david l. Ebook 2009
Role of revelation in the world's religions. Moon, beverly, 1945- ebook 2010
Sacred treasure--the cairo genizah: the amazing discoveries of forgotten jewish history in an egyptian synagogue attic. Glickman, Mark cloth 2011
Solitary self: darwin and the selfish gene. Midgley, mary paper 2010
Some later medieval theories of the eucharist: thomas aquinas, giles of rome, duns scotus, and william ockham.Adams, marilyn mccordcloth

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