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These books were just ordered and will show up on the shelves later in the semester.
Check MNCAT Classic in a few weeks to determine availability in University of Minnesota Libraries - Twin Cities.

Printed books ordered
Saving Truth From Paradox. Field, Hartry H., 1946- Paper 2008
Unity Of The Proposition. Gaskin, Richard, 1960- Cloth 2008
Wittgenstein In Exile. Klagge, James Carl. 1954- Cloth 2011

E-books ordered
Mind, Method, And Morality: Essays In Honour Of Anthony Kenny Ebook 2010
Particulars In Greek Philosophy (7th: 2007: University College London) Ebook 2010
Ancient Models Of Mind: Studies In Human And Divine Rationality Ebook 2010
Skepticism In The Modern Age. Maia Neto, Jose R Ebook 2010
Book Of Isaiah: Personal Impressions Of Isaiah Berlin Ebook 2009
Spandrels Of Truth. Beall, J.C Ebook 2009
Truth And Words. Ebbs, Gary Ebook 2009
Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, And Epistemology Ebook 2010
Metaphysics: The Key Concepts. Beebee, Helen Ebook 2011

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