Recent selections in Religion, Philosophy and Jewish Studies

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These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

Recent selections in Religion, Philosophy and Jewish Studies

Apocryphal gospels: texts and translations. Ehrman, bart d cloth 2011
Archbishop Anselm Sally n. Vaughn, cloth 2012
Beyond the pale: reading theology from the margins paper 2011
Challenges to conventional opinions on Qumran and Enoch issues. Heger, paul, 1924- cloth 2012
Chief Rabbi, the Pope, and the Holocaust: an era in Vatican-Jewish relations. Weisbord, robert g ebook 2008
Christ and controversy: the person of Christ in nonconformist thought and ecclesial experience, 1600-2000. Sell, alan p.f paper 2011
Christian mysticism: an introduction to contemporary theoretical approaches. Nelstrop, louise ebook 2009
Christ's resurrection in early Christianity: and the making of the new testament. Vinzent, markus paper 2011
Claiming Abraham: reading the bible and the Qur'an side by side. Lodahl, michael e., 1955- paper 2010
Common cultural heritage: studies on mesopotamia and the biblical world: in honor of barry l. Cloth 2011
Conceptions of knowledge cloth 2012
Cultures in collision and conversation: essays in the intellectual history of the jews. Berger, david ebook 2011
Dead sea scrolls for a new millenium. Callaway, phillip r paper 2011
Descartes et ses critiques paper 2011
Doing philosophy with others: conversations, reminiscences, and reflections. Schrag, calvin o paper 2010
Egalitarian spirit of christianity: the sacred roots of american and british government. Strehle, stephen, 1952- ebook 2009
Embracing the divine: passion and politics in the christian middle east. Khater, akram fouad, 1960- cloth 2011
Emergence of the modern coptic papacy: the egyptian church and its leadership from the ottoman period to the present. Jirjis, magdi cloth 2011
Eternal war: a psychological perspectve on the arab-israeli conflict. Abraham, a.j paper 2012
Evil: a guide for the perplexed. Meister, chad v., 1965- paper 2012
Expanded text of Ecclesiasticus: its teaching on the future life as a clue to its origin. Kearns, conleth cloth 2011
Faith of the faithless: experiments in political theology. Critchley, simon, 1960- cloth 2012
Fame. Rowlands, mark ebook 2008
First principles of Islamic economics mawdudi, sayyid abul a'la paper 2011
God and evil: a unified theodicy/theology/ philosophy. Birnbaum, david cloth 1988
Gossip: the untrivial pursuit. Epstein, joseph cloth 2011
Hindus: their religious beliefs and practices. Lipner, julius paper 2010
Historical dictionary of Heidegger's philosophy. Schalow, frank, 1956- ebook 2010
Homer and the Bible in the eyes of ancient interpreters cloth
Hypocrisy unmasked: dissociation, shame, and the ethics of inauthenticity. Naso, ronald c., 1954- cloth 2010
Ideas that matter: the concepts that shape the 21st century. Grayling, a.c cloth 2010
John Henry Newman on the nature of the mind: reason in religion, science, and the humanities.rupert, jane,ebook 2011
Kant and applied ethics: the uses and limits of Kant's practical philosophy. Altman, matthew c ebook 2011
Knowledge--genetic foundations and epistemic coherence. Schelling, birte cloth 2011
Letter collections of Anselm of Canterbury. Niskanen, samu cloth 2011
Meaning of mecca: the politics of pilgrimage in early Islam. Mcmillan, m.e cloth 2011
Monodies and on the relics of saints: the autobiography and a manifesto of a French monk from the time of the crusades.; trans. By joseph mcalhany. Guibert, abbot of nogent-sous-coucy, 1053-ca. 1124 paper 2011
Mormon people: the making of an American faith. Bowman, matthew burton cloth 2012
Murmuring deep: reflections on the biblical unconscious. Zornberg, avivah gottlieb paper 2011
Nicolas de Lyre, Franciscain du xive siecle, exegete et theologien ry paper 2011
Novatian of Rome and the culmination of pre-Nicene orthodoxy. Papandrea, james l paper 2011
One who reads may run: essays in honour of Edgar w. Conrad cloth 2012
Papist patriots: the making of an american catholic identity. Farrelly, maura jane ebook 2012
Parmenides, venerable and awesome (plato, theaetetus 183e) paper 2011
Past minds: studies in cognitive historiography paper 2011
Places of faith: a road trip across America's religious landscape. Scheitle, christopher p., 1981- paper 2012
Psychoanalysis and the challenge of Islam; trans. By robert bononno. Benslama, fethi Univ of Minnesota press pub year:2009 :ebook
Radicalism in Islam: resurgence and ramifications. Mohanty, nirode paper 2012
Routledge companion to epistemology ebook 2011
Routledge companion to philosophy of language cloth
Routledge history of the Holocaust ebook 2011
Sacred places in modern western culture paper 2011
Scapegoat: a history of blaming other people. Campbell, charlie, 1977- cloth 2011
Septuagint vocabulary: pre-history, usage, reception ebook 2011
Short history of Jewish ethics: conduct and character in the context of covenant. Mittleman, alan l ebook 2012
Stone and dung, oil and spit: Jewish daily life in the time of Jesus. Magness, jodi paper 2011
Targum and New Testament: collected essays. Mcnamara, martin cloth 2011
Theology in the public sphere. Kim, sebastian c.h paper 2011
Towards building a british Islam: new Muslims' perspectives. Jawad, haifaa a cloth 2012
User's guide to thought and meaning. Jackendoff, ray cloth 2012
Wake up!: hip hop Christianity and the Black church. Kirk-duggan, cheryl a ebook 2011
War and peace in jewish tradition: from the biblical world to the present cloth 2012
Was Shakespeare a Jew?: uncovering the Marrano influences in his life and writing. Muller, ghislain cloth 2011
Were the Popes against the Jews?: tracking the myths, confronting the ideologues. Lawler, justus george Cloth 2012
Without red strings or holy water: Maimonides' Mishneh Torah. Strickman, h. Norman ebook 2011
Yoga in practice paper 2012

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