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Books on Women in Philosophy

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Moral Education For Women In The Pastoral And Pythagorean Letters: Philosophers Of The Pythagorean Letters : Philosophers of the Household

Author:Huizenga, Annette Bourland
Publisher:Brill Pub Year: 2013 EBook on order

Contributions by women to nineteenth-century American philosophy : Frances Wright, Antoinette Brown-Blackwell, Marietta Kies.
Dykeman, Therese Boos. Rogers, Dorothy G.
Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press c2012
Wilson Library B895 .D95 2012

Women Philosophers' Journal Uniform Title: Women Philosophers' Journal (Online) (2009-2011) Publisher: Paris UNESCO Language: English

The center must not hold : White women philosophers on the Whiteness of philosophy Yancy, George / Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books c2010 Wilson Library HT1523 .C46 2010

Contributions by women to early American philosophy : Anne Bradstreet, Mercy Otis Warren, and Judith Sargent Murray.
Dykeman, Therese Boos.
Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press c2009
Wilson Library B851 .D95 2009

Unconventional History of Western Philosophy: Conversations Between Men and Women Philosophers. 2008 Warren, Karen Ebook on order

The Blackwell guide to feminist philosophy

Alcoff, Linda.; Kittay, Eva Feder. / Malden, MA ; Oxford : Blackwell Pub. 2007
Wilson Library HQ1190 .B575 2007

Eight women philosophers : theory, politics, and feminism
Duran, Jane. Urbana : University of Illinois Press c2006
Wilson Library B105.W6 D87 2006

Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria: Philo's 'Therapeutae' Reconsidered. / Taylor, Joan E / Oxford : Oxford University Press 2006
Print edition on order

America's first women philosophers transplanting Hegel, 1860-1925
Rogers, Dorothy G. ebrary, Inc.
London ; New York : Continuum c2005
Wilson Library B905 .R58 2005

Women and gender in Jewish philosophy Tirosh-Samuelson, Hava, 1950-; ebrary, Inc. Bloomington : Indiana University Press c2004 Wilson Library B5800 .W66 2004

Setting the moral compass : essays by women philosophers Calhoun, Cheshire. New York : Oxford University Press 2004 Wilson Library BJ1395 .S48 2004

Philosophy without Women: The Birth of Sexism in Western Thought;
Trans. By Peter Cripps. / Songe-Moller, Vigdis / Continuum, New York 2003
EBook on order

Jewish women philosophers of first-century Alexandria : Philo's "Therapeutae" reconsidered Taylor, Joan E. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press 2003 Wilson Library BM175.T5 T39 2003

The suspicion of virtue : women philosophers in neoclassical France
Conley, John J. / Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press c2002
Wilson Library B1815 .C66 2002

Women philosophers of the seventeenth century
Broad, Jacqueline. / Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press 2002
Wilson Library B105.W6 B76 2002

Presenting women philosophers
Tougas, Cecile T. (Cecile Thérèse), 1947-; Ebenreck, Sara.
Philadelphia : Temple University Press 2000
Wilson Library B105.W6 P74 2000

Rediscovering women philosophers : philosophical genre and the boundaries of philosophy
Gardner, Catherine Villanueva.
Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press 2000
Wilson Library B105.W6 G37 2000

The neglected canon: nine women philosophers, first to the twentieth century
Dykeman, Therese Boos.
Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer c1999
Wilson Library B105.W6 N44 1999

Hypatia's daughters : fifteen hundred years of women philosophers
McAlister, Linda L.
Bloomington : Indiana University Press c1996
Wilson Library B105.W6 H97 1996

Women philosophers
Warnock, Mary. London : J.M. Dent 1996
Wilson Library B105.W6 W64x 1996

American women philosophers : 1650-1930 : six exemplary thinkers
Dykeman, Therese Boos.
Lewiston : Edwin Mellen Press 1993
Wilson Library B850 .A44 1993

Women philosophers : a bibliography of books through 1990
Barth, E. M. Bowling Green, Ohio : Philosophy Documentation Center c1992
Wilson Library B72 .B36x 1992

Against patriarchal thinking : proceedings of the VIth Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) 1992
Internationale Assoziation von Philosophinnen. Symposion (6th : 1992 : Amsterdam, Netherlands?) Pellikaan-Engel, Maja E., 1937-
Amsterdam : VU University Press 1992
Wilson Library (B105.W6 I57x 1992

Women philosophers: a bio-critical source book
Kersey, Ethel M.
New York : Greenwood Press c1989
Wilson Library Reference B105.W6 K47 1989

A history of women philosophers
Waithe, Mary Ellen.
Dordrecht ; Boston : M. Nijhoff 1987-
--Vol. 1. Ancient women philosophers, 600 B.C.-500 A.D.
--Vol. 2. Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment women philosophers, A.D. 500-1600.
--V. 3: Modern Women Philosophers, 1600-1900
--Vol. 4. Contemporary Women Philosophers, 1900-Today
Wilson Library B105.W6 H5x 1987

The history of women philosophers
Ménage, Gilles, 1613-1692. Zedler, Beatrice H. (Beatrice Hope), 1916-
Lanham, MD : University Press of America c1984
Wilson Library B187.W64 M4613 1984

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