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Open Access Week

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October 24-30 is Open Access Week, and the University of Minnesota Libraries are celebrating! Events and workshops on open publishing and scholarship are happening all over campus this week--check them out, and find other information on Open Access at the University of Minnesota, at

Open Humanities Press journals

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There's an article in today's Chronicle about a new open access humanities press.

The titles available at Open Humanities Press are

Cosmos and History
Culture Machine
International Journal of Žižek Studies

Periodical Price Survey 2008

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Periodicals Price Survey 2008: Embracing Openness
Global initiatives and startling successes hint at the profound implications of open access on journal publishing
By Lee C. Van Orsdel & Kathleen Born -- Library Journal, 4/15/2008

Check out this article and note the tables of cost history, projections etc.

Philosophy E-Journals

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Here is a quick link in tinyurl format for Philosophy E-Journals available via the U of M Libraries E-Journals page.

You can also search for a word in a journal name on the E-Journals site (example ethic)

You can search for a particular article within an electronic journal by clicking on the Citation Linker tab on the E-Journals site

For general searching by author, subject etc. for philosophy journals regardless of format (not limited to electronic) search the index of your choice listed on the Philosophy subjects page.

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