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Excerpt: The Larson-Bethel Baghdad Torah was unveiled in a dedication ceremony at Bethel Seminary on March 31. The non-kosher scroll dates to the early 17th century and is suitable for both display and educational purposes. Written on skins of about 89 feet, and carefully preserved by an ancient Jewish community in Baghdad across 400 years, it offers a living testimony to the faithful transmission of God's Word.


Film event!

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Professor Kirsten Fischer leads discussion of film Prince Among Slaves

Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys
FILM Discussion color poster


Prince Among Slaves
Thursday, May 8, 2014
6:30 p.m.
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
700 South Snelling Ave.
Saint Paul 55116


A young prince falls from a life of power and privilege into enslavement in a strange land...

A nationwide outreach project using the award-winning documentary film Prince Among Slaves to create critical discussion at the intersection of race, religion, and identity in early America. Deepen your understanding about the impact and legacy of American cultural and religious history in the antebellum era, and its influences on our pluralistic society today.

Award winning University of Minnesota history professor Kirsten Fischer will introduce the 60-minute film and lead a discussion afterward.
Muslim Journeys

For more information: Susan Gangl, University of Minnesota Libraries, 612 626-2281

About the Speaker
Kirsten Fischer is an historian of early America. Her first book, Suspect Relations: Sex, Race, and Resistance in Colonial North Carolina (Cornell, 2002), is about racism in the 18th century. It focuses on the interactions of ordinary people in a slave society, and on the way their intimate relationships (and the treatment of these in court) made racial difference seem increasingly real. Her current research is about freethought in the early Republic. She received the 2010-11 Horace T. Morse - University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Undergraduate Education.

Profile History Department web page

About the Film

The 2007 film was directed by Andrea Kalin and produced by Unity Productions Foundation. It is the true story of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori, an African prince enslaved in the Americas. The Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys is a collection of books, films, and other resources chosen to familiarize the American public about Islam and the cultural heritage of Islamic civilizations around the world. It is intended to address both the need and the desire of the American public for trustworthy and accessible resources about Muslim beliefs and practices and the cultural heritage associated with Islamic civilizations.

The University of Minnesota Libraries -Twin Cities is one of 953 libraries and state humanities councils across the country selected to receive the Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA). The program aims to familiarize public audiences in the United States with the people, places, history, faith and cultures of Muslims in the United States and around the world.

About Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys
The Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys is a collection of books, films, and other resources chosen to familiarize the American public about Islam and the cultural heritage of Islamic civilizations around the world. It is intended to address both the need and the desire of the American public for trustworthy and accessible resources about Muslim beliefs and practices and the cultural heritage associated with Islamic civilizations.


Recent Titles Ordered April 2014

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These titles have just been ordered; please paste a title into the Library Catalog in the future to find call number and availability information.

Title Author Binding Pub Yr
History Of Religion In 5 1/2 Objects: Bringing The Spiritual To Its Senses. Plate, S. Brent, 1966- Cloth 2014
Divine Father: Religious And Philosophical Concepts Of Divine Parenthood In Antiquity Cloth 2014
Global Prayers: Contemporary Manifestations Of The Religious In The City Cloth 2014
Adolescentes Voilees: Du Corps Souille Au Corps Sacre. Sellami, Meyrem Paper 2013
Butterflies: Beings Of Light Steiner, Rudolf, 1861-1925 Paper 2013
Faith In The Face Of Empire: The Bible Through Palestinian Eyes. Raheb, Mitri Paper 2014
Between Pagan And Christian. Jones, Christopher P Cloth 2014
Pentecostal Theology In Africa Paper 2014
Body As Property: Physical Disfigurement In Biblical Law. Jacobs, Sandra Cloth 2014
Mapping Exile And Return: Palestinian Dispossession And A Political Theology For A Shared Future. Weaver, Alain Epp Paper 2014
Gazing On God: Trinity, Church And Salvation In Orthodox Thought And Iconography. Andreopoulos, Andreas, 1966- Paper 2013
Insanity: God And The Theory Of Knowledge. Haddad, Jonah Paper 2013
Historical Jesus In Context Paper 2006
Feminist Companion To Paul Paper 2004

Books acquired Philosophy & Religion

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Books received July 2013 through January 2014 (approval plan titles) in philosophy and religious studies

"Thus Speaks Ishtar Of Arbela": Prophecy In Israel, Assyria, And Egypt In The Neo-Assyrian Period. Cloth 2013
Action And Character According To Aristotle: The Logic Of The Moral Life. Flannery, Kevin L Cloth 2013
After "Rwanda": In Search Of A New Ethics. Martinon, Jean-Paul Paper 2013
Agon In Nietzsche. Tuncel, Yunus, 1962- Paper 2013
Ancient Egyptian Temple Ritual: Performance, Pattern, And Practice. Eaton, Katherine Cloth 2013
Animal Bodies, Renaissance Culture. Raber, Karen, 1961- Cloth 2013
Approaching The Bible In Medieval England. Poleg, Eyal Cloth 2013
Aquinas And The Cry Of Rachel: Thomistic Reflections On The Problem Of Evil. Knasas, John F.X Cloth 2013
Aristotle On Method And Metaphysics Cloth 2013
Arts Ministry: Nurturing The Creative Life Of God's People. Bauer, Michael J., 1956- Paper 2013
Asian Perspectives On The World's Religions After September 11 Paper 2013
Augustine And Apocalyptic Cloth 2014
Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical. Sciabarra, Chris Matthew, 1960- Paper 2013
Babylonian Astrolabe: The Calendar Of Creation. Kolev, Rumen K Paper 2013
Barbarian Principle: Merleau-Ponty, Schelling, And The Question Of Nature Cloth 2013
Beauty Paper 2013
Beyond Aesthetics And Politics: Philosophical And Axiological Studies On The Avant-Garde, Pragmatism, And Postmodernism. Skowronski, Krzysztof Piotr Paper 2013
Beyond Oneness And Difference: Li And Coherence In Chinese Buddhist Thought And Its Antecedents. Ziporyn, Brook, 1964- Cloth 2013
Cambridge Companion To American Methodism Paper 2013
Cambridge Companion To Heidegger's Being And Time Paper 2013
Cathars: Dualist Heretics In Languedoc In The High Middle Ages. Barber, Malcolm Paper 2013
Catholicity Of Reason. Schindler, D.C Paper 2013
Chaplains In Early Modern England: Patronage, Literature And Religion Cloth 2013
Chronic Illness, Spirituality, And Healing: Diverse Disciplinary, Relgious, And Cultural Perspectives. Cloth 2013
Co-Existing In A Globalized World: Key Themes In Inter-Professional Ethics Cloth 2013
Colonialism, Han, And The Transformative Spirit. Kim, Grace Ji-Sun, 1969- Cloth 2013
Combining Science And Metaphysics: Contemporary Physics, Conceptual Revision And Common Sense. Morganti, Matteo, 1975- Cloth 2013
Commentary On Isaiah Eusebius, Of Caesarea, Bishop Of Caesarea, Ca. 260-Ca. 340 Cloth 2013
Communicating Moral Concern: An Ethics Of Critical Responsiveness. Springer, Elise, 1970- Cloth 2013
Concepts And Their Role In Knowledge: Reflections On Objectivist Epistemology Cloth 2013
Conditions Of Thought: Deleuze And Transcendental Ideas. Voss, Daniela Cloth 2013
Contemporary Dualism: A Defense Cloth 2014
Contemporary Philosophical Naturalism And Its Implications Cloth 2014
Conversion Of The Maori: Years Of Religious And Social Change, 1814-1842. Yates, T.E. (Timothy Edward), 1935- Paper 2013
Creation And Chaos: A Reconsideration Of Hermann Gunkel's Chaoskampf Hypothesis Cloth 2013
Critical Theory Of Axel Honneth. Petherbridge, Danielle Cloth 2013
Cultural Conversions: Unexpected Consequences Of Christian Missionary Encounters In The Middle East, Africa, And South Asia. Cloth 2013
Current Controversies In Philosophy Of Mind Paper 2014
Dance Between God And Humanity: Reading The Bible Today As The People Of God. Waltke, Bruce K Paper 2013
Defending Associative Duties. Seglow, Jonathan Cloth 2013
Dialectical Democracy Through Christian Thought: Individualism, Relationalism, And American Politics. Brockman, David R Cloth 2013
Disclosure Of Politics: Struggles Over The Semantics Of Secularization. Lara, Maria Pia Cloth 2013
Durable Goods: Pleasure, Wealth And Power In The Virtuous Life. Petruzella, Gerol Cloth 2013
Empowering The People Of God: Catholic Action Before And After Vatican Ii Cloth 2014
Encyclopedia Of Caribbean Religions Cloth 2013
Ends Of Philosophy Of Religion: Terminus And Telos. Knepper, Timothy D Cloth 2013
Epistemic Paternalism: A Defence. Ahlstrom-Vij, Kristoffer, 1980- Cloth 2013
Erasmus Of Rotterdam: Advocate Of A New Christianity. Wedel, Christine Christ Von Cloth 2013
Eros And Self-Emptying: The Intersections Of Augustine And Kierkegaard. Barrett, Lee C Paper 2013
Essential Writings Marion, Jean-Luc, 1946- Paper 2013
Esther, Queen Of The Jews: The Status And Position Of Esther In The Old Testament. Davidovich, Tal, 1969- Paper 2013
Ethics Of Risk: Ethical Analysis In An Uncertain World. Hansson, Sven Ove Cloth 2013
Ethics On The Laboratory Floor Cloth 2013
Ethics Unbound: Chinese And Western Perspectives On Morality. Froese, Katrin, 1970- Cloth 2013
Event And Time; Trans. By Stephen E. Lewis. Romano, Claude, 1967- Paper 2014
Fackenheim's Jewish Philosophy: An Introduction. Morgan, Michael L Paper 2013
Fichte's Vocation Of Man: New Interpretive And Critical Essays Cloth 2013
Francois Laruelle's Philosophies Of Difference: A Critical Introduction And Guide. Gangle, Rocco Paper 2013
Fraud: The World Of Ona'ah; Trans. By Nils F. Schott. Atlan, Henri Paper 2013
Freedom After The Critique Of Foundations: Marx, Liberalism, Castoriadis And Agonistic Autonomy. Kioupkiolis, Alexandros, 1975- Cloth 2012
From Times Square To Timbuktu: The Post-Christian West Meets The Non-Western Church. Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley Paper 2013
Gender And Timebound Commandments In Judaism. Alexander, Elizabeth Shanks, 1967- Cloth 2013
God Torn To Pieces: The Nietzsche Case; Trans. By Keith Buck. Fornari, Giuseppe, 1956- Paper 2013
God's Presence: A Contemporary Recapitulation Of Early Christianity. Young, Frances M. (Frances Margaret) Paper 2013
Goodbye, Kant!: What Still Stands Of The Critique Of Pure Reason. Ferraris, Maurizio Cloth 2013
Hegel And Deleuze: Together Again For The First Time Paper 2013
Hegel And Psychoanalysis: A New Interpretation Of Phenomenology Of Spirit. Macdonald, Molly Cloth 2014
Hermeneutics And Reflection: Heidegger And Husserl On The Concept Of Phenomenology; Trans. By Kenneth Maly. Herrmann, Friedrich-Wilhelm Von Cloth 2013
Human Eros: Eco-Ontology And The Aesthetics Of Existence. Alexander, Thomas M., 1952- Paper 2013
Hyperobjects: Philosophy And Ecology After The End Of The World. Morton, Timothy, 1968- Paper 2013
Imagination And Postmodernity. Bourgeois, Patrick L Cloth 2013
In Search Of God's Power In Broken Bodies: A Theology Of Maum. Chong, Hwa-Young, 1964- Cloth 2013
In The Spirit Of Critique: Thinking Politically In The Dialectical Tradition. Douglas, Andrew J., 1980- Cloth 2013
Insular Christianity: Alternative Models Of The Church In Britain And Ireland, C. Cloth 2013
Interdisciplinary And Religio-Cultural Discourses On A Spirit-Filled World: Loosing The Spirits. Cloth 2013
Introduction To Jacob Boehme: Four Centuries Of Thought And Reception Cloth 2014
Intuition Of The Instant; Trans. By Eileen Rizo-Patron. Bachelard, Gaston, 1884-1962 Paper 2013
Isaiah Shembe's Prophetic Uhlanga: The Worldview Of The Nazareth Baptist Church In Colonial South Africa. Tishken, Joel E Cloth 2013
Judaism And Emotion: Texts, Performance, Experience Cloth 2013
Kant In The Land Of Extraterrestrials: Cosmopolitical Philosofictions; Trans. By Will Bishop. Szendy, Peter Paper 2013
Kierkegaard And Nietzsche On The Best Way Of Life: A New Method Of Ethics. Miles, Thomas P., 1975- Cloth 2013
Landscapes Of The Sublime, 1700-1830: Classic Ground. Duffy, Cian Cloth 2013
Last Steps: Maurice Blanchot's Exilic Writing. Fynsk, Christopher, 1952- Paper 2013
Life Drawing: A Deleuzean Aesthetics Of Existence. Bearn, Gordon C.F., 1955- Paper 2013
Life, War, Earth: Deleuze And The Sciences. Protevi, John Paper 2013
Lines In Water: Religious Boundaries In South Asia Cloth 2013
Logos Of The Living World: Merleau-Ponty, Animals, And Language. Westling, Louise Hutchings Paper 2014
Male Homosexualities And World Religions. Hurteau, Pierre Cloth 2013
Massekhet Keritot: Text, Translation, And Commentary. Dal Bo, Federico Cloth 2013
Metaphysics From A Biological Point Of View. Boulter, Stephen Cloth 2013
Mind, Matter & Nature: A Thomistic Proposal For The Philosophy Of Mind. Madden, James D Paper 2013
Missionary Families: Race, Gender And Generation On The Spiritual Frontier. Manktelow, Emily J Cloth 2013
Mixing Musics: Turkish Jewry And The Urban Landscape Of A Sacred Song. Jackson, Maureen (Maureen Barbara) Cloth 2013
Modernity Of Others: Jewish Anti-Catholicism In Germany And France. Joskowicz, Ari Cloth 2014
Motherhood As Metaphor: Engendering Interreligious Dialogue. Hill Fletcher, Jeannine Paper 2013
Mystical Sociology: Toward Cosmic Social Theory. Wexler, Philip Paper 2013
Natural Categories And Human Kinds: Classification In The Natural And Social Sciences. Khalidi, Muhammad Ali Cloth 2013
Neo-Davidsonian Metaphysics: From The True To The Good. Wheeler, Samuel C Cloth 2014
Noetics Of Nature: Environmental Philosophy And The Holy Beauty Of The Visible. Foltz, Bruce V Paper 2014
Normativity And Phenomenology In Husserl And Heidegger. Crowell, Steven Galt Paper 2013
Nothingness And Desire: An East-West Philosophical Antiphony. Heisig, James W., 1944- Paper 2013
Oepke Noordmans: Theologian Of The Holy Spirit; Trans. By Allan J. Janssen. Blei, Karel Paper 2013
On Leibniz. Rescher, Nicholas Paper 2013
On Philosophy As A Spiritual Exercise: A Symposium Cloth 2013
Orthodox Constructions Of The West Paper 2013
Parable And Its Lesson: A Novella; Trans. By James S. Diamond. Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1887-1970 Paper 2014
Pascal The Philosopher: An Introduction. Hunter, Graeme Cloth 2013
Philosophy Of Arthur C. Danto Cloth 2013
Philosophy Of Life And Death: Ludwig Klages And The Rise Of A Nazi Biopolitics. Lebovic, Nitzan Cloth 2013
Philosophy Of Tragedy: From Plato To Zizek. Young, Julian Paper 2013
Political Philosophy And Revelation: A Catholic Reading. Schall, James V Paper 2013
Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief, And Practice. Rizzieri, Aaron, 1974- Cloth 2013
Progressive Minds, Conservative Politics: Leo Strauss's Later Writings On Maimonides. Tepper, Aryeh, 1970- Cloth 2013
Promised Bodies: Time, Language, & Corporeality In Medieval Women's Mystical Texts. Dailey, Patricia Cloth 2013
Queering Christianity: Finding A Place At The Table For Lgbtqi Christians Cloth 2013
Ramchandra Gandhi: The Man And His Philosophy Cloth 2013
Reading And Writing During The Dissolution: Monks, Friars, And Nuns, 1530-1558. Erler, Mary Carpenter Cloth 2013
Reading Onora O'neill Paper 2013
Reasons And Causes: Causalism And Anti-Causalism In The Philosophy Of Action Cloth 2013
Received Medievalisms: A Cognitive Geography Of Viennese Women's Convents. Cyrus, Cynthia J Cloth 2013
Religion Across Media: From Early Antiquity To Late Modernity Paper 2013
Religion And Public Diplomacy Cloth 2013
Religion In Disputes: Pervasiveness Of Religious Normativity In Disputing Processes. Cloth 2013
Religion, Gender, And The Public Sphere Cloth 2014
Religious Diversity In Chinese Thought Cloth 2013
Religious Stereotyping And Interreligious Relations Cloth 2013
Rene Girard And Creative Mimesis Cloth 2014
Rhinestones, Religion, And The Republic: Fashioning Jewishness In France. Arkin, Kimberly A Cloth 2014
Russell's Philosophy Of Logical Analysis: 1897-1905. Galaugher, Jolen, 1982- Cloth 2013
Schopenhauer's Encounter With Indian Thought: Representation And Will And Their Indian Parallels. Cross, Stephen Cloth 2013
Science Of Modern Virtue: On Descartes, Darwin, And Locke Cloth 2013
Service Of Love: Papal Primacy, The Eucharist, And Church Unity. Mcpartlan, Paul Paper 2013
Soul, World, And Idea: An Interpretation Of Plato's "Republic" And "Phaedo". Sherman, Daniel Cloth 2013
Sounding/Silence: Martin Heidegger At The Limits Of Poetics. Nowell Smith, David Cloth 2013
Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour And Object-Oriented Theology. Miller, Adam (Adam S.) Paper 2013
Spinoza For Our Time: Politics And Postmodernity; Trans. By William Mccuaig. Negri, Antonio, 1933- Cloth 2013
Spirit And The Obligation Of Social Flesh: A Secular Theology For The Global City. Betcher, Sharon V., 1956- Paper 2014
Spirit, Qi, And The Multitude: A Comparative Theology For The Democracy Of Creation. Lee, Hyo-Dong Paper 2014
State Of Nature In Comparative Political Thought: Western And Non-Western Perspectives Cloth 2014
Strategic Reinvention In Popular Culture: The Encore Impulse. Pfefferman, Richard Cloth 2013
Subjectivity In The Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Sociological, And Political Perspectives. Cloth 2013
Textual Genesis Of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations Cloth 2013
Theological Perspectives For Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness: Public Intellectuals For The Twenty-First Century. Paper 2013
Time, Language, And Visuality In Agamben's Philosophy. Doussan, Jenny, 1977- Cloth 2013
Toward An Ecology Of Transfiguration: Orthodox Christian Perspectives On Environment, Nature, And Creation. Paper 2013
Tracing Expression In Merleau-Ponty: Aesthetics, Philosophy Of Biology, And Ontology. Foti, Veronique Marion Paper 2013
Tractates Tamid, Middot And Qinnim: A Feminist Commentary. Marx, Dalia, 1966- Cloth 2013
Transatlantic Pieties: Dutch Clergy In Colonial America Paper 2012
Truth And Interpretation Pareyson, Luigi Cloth 2013
Urban God Talk: Constructing A Hip Hop Spirituality Cloth 2013
Using The Psychology Of Attraction In Christian Outreach: Lessons From The Dark Side. Patrick, Wendy L Cloth 2013
Virtue Ethics And Confucianism Cloth 2013
Virtues In Action: New Essays In Applied Virtue Ethics Cloth 2013
Warburg Years (1919-1933): Essays On Language, Art, Myth, And Technology. Trans. By S.G. Lofts. Cassirer, Ernst, 1874-1945 Cloth 2013
Weak Messianic Power: Figures Of A Time To Come In Benjamin, Derrida, And Celan. Levine, Michael G Paper 2014
Welsh Missionaries And British Imperialism: The Empire Of Clouds In North-East India. May, Andrew Cloth 2012
What Pragmatism Was. Burke, F. Thomas Paper 2013
Will To Power, Nietzsche's Last Idol. Joullie, Jean-Etienne Cloth 2013
William James, Sciences Of Mind, And Anti-Imperial Discourse. Baker, Bernadette M., 1968- Cloth 2013

Recent Acquisitions January 2014

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These titles have just been ordered; please paste a title into the Library Catalog in the future to find call number and availability information.

Thumbnail image for fleshmadeword-cover.jpg

Anti-Crisis. Roitman, Janet L. (Janet Lee) Paper 2014
Astrology and Cosmology In Early China: Conforming Earth To Heaven. Pankenier, David W. (David William) Cloth 2013
Birmingham Revolution: Martin Luther King Jr.'S Epic Challenge To the Church. Gilbreath, Edward, 1969- Paper 2013
Birthing Salvation: Gender and Class in Early Christian Childbearing Discourse. Solevag, Anna Rebecca Cloth 2013
Breaking the Silence on Spiritual Abuse. Oakley, Lisa Cloth 2013
Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe, 1090-1500. Jamroziak, Emilia Paper 2013
Cosmopolitan Theology: Reconstituting Planetary Hospitality, Neighbor-Love, and Solidarity in An Uneven World. Kang, Namsoon Paper 2013
Euripides' Alcestis: Narrative, Myth, And Religion. Markantonatos, Andreas Cloth 2013
Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss. Hart, David Bentley Ebook
Flesh Made Word: Medieval Women Mystics, Writing, And The Incarnation. Holmes, Emily A., 1974- Cloth 2013
Free Will in Philosophical Theology. Timpe, Kevin Cloth 2014
From Augustine To Anselm: the Influence of De Trinitate on the Monologion. Asiedu, F.B.A Cloth 2012
Genesis: in the Beginning. Bergant, Dianne Paper 2013
Gods Behaving Badly: Media, Religion, and Celebrity Culture. Ward, Pete Paper 2011
Handbook for Curates: A Late Medieval Manual On Pastoral Ministry; Trans. By Anne T. Thayer. Guido, De Monte Rocherii, 14th Cent Paper 2011
Islam, Youth and Modernity In The Gambia: The Tablighi Jama'at. Janson, Marloes Cloth 2014
Islamic Images and Ideas: Essays on Sacred Symbolism Paper 2014
John Bale and Religious Conversion In Reformation England. Wort, Oliver Cloth 2013
Kingdom To Commune: Protestant Pacifist Culture Between World War I And The Vietnam Era. Appelbaum, Patricia Cloth 2009
Mary Magdalene & Her Sister Martha: An Edition and Translation of the Medieval Welsh Lives Cloth 2013
Matthaeus Adversus Christianos: the Use of the Gospel of Matthew in Jewish Polemics Against the Divinity of Jesus. Ochs, Christoph, 1977- Paper 2013
Message : Remix: the Bible in Contemporary Language Peterson, Eugene H. (Edt) Cloth 2006
Multiplicities of Memories in Contemporary German Literature: How Photographs Are Used To Reconstruct Narratives of History. Jones, Susanne Lenne Cloth 2013
New New Testament: A Bible for the 21st Century, Combining Traditional and Newly Discovered Texts. Taussig, Hal Cloth 2013
Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible As Christian Scripture. Moberly, R.W.L Cloth 2013
Oxford Handbook of Roman Egypt Cloth 2012
Pacifists in Chains: the Persecution of Hutterites During the Great War. Stoltzfus, Duane C.S., 1959- Paper 2013
Papyrological Texts in Honor of Roger S. Bagnall. Cloth 2013
Paul Tillich: Journey To Japan In 1960 Cloth 2013
Peter Cartwright, Legendary Frontier Preacher. Bray, Robert C Cloth 2005
Postcolonialism and Islam: Theory, Literature, Culture, Society and Film Cloth 2014
Reflections on Religious Individuality: Greco-Roman and Judaeo-Christian Texts and Practices. Cloth 2012
Religion Beyond Its Private Role in Modern Society Cloth 2013
Religion in Public: Locke's Political Theology. Pritchard, Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Ann) Paper
Right To Freedom of Religion or Belief in Muslim Majority Countries: A Comparative Analysis. Cloth 2013
Sacrifice and Modern Thought Cloth 2013
Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus: The True Life And Trials Of Nicholas Of Myra. English, Adam C., 1974- Cloth 2012
Salvation on the Small Screen?: 24 Hours of Christian Television. Bolz-Weber, Nadia Paper 2008
Sense and Stigma in the Gospels: Depictions of Sensory-Disabled Characters. Lawrence, Louise J Cloth 2013
Shaping A Muslim State: the World of A Mid-Eighth-Century Egyptian Official. Sijpesteijn, Petra M
Surprised By the Feminine: A Rereading of C.S. Lewis and Gender. Hilder, Monika B Cloth 2013
What Has the Black Church To Do With Public Life? Pinn, Anthony B Cloth 2013
Word and Image: the Hermeneutics of the Saint John's Bible. Patella, Michael, 1954- Paper 2013

Books on the History of Islam

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This is a brief list of selected recent books about general aspects of the history of Islam.
There are many ways to search for titles and book reviews. Consult with your instructor for recommended sources. Consult your librarian for best search strategies and databases that match your specific topic.

The titles below may be checked out. Check MNCAT for availability.

The Ottoman age of exploration
Casale, Giancarlo.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press 2010
Wilson Library (DR507 .C37 2010 )

Empires of faith the fall of Rome to the rise of Islam, 500-700
Sarris, Peter. ebrary, Inc.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press 2011
Online access

Islamic societies to the nineteenth century : a global history
Lapidus, Ira M. (Ira Marvin)
New York : Cambridge University Press 2012
Wilson Library (DS35.63 .L36 2012 )

Defining boundaries in al-Andalus : Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Islamic Iberia
Safran, Janina M.
Ithaca [N.Y.] : Cornell University Press 2013
Wilson Library (DP302.A468 S24 2013 )

The Oxford history of Islam
Esposito, John L.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press c1999
Wilson Library (Quarto BP50 .O95 1999 ) and other locations

A history of Islamic societies
Lapidus, Ira M. (Ira Marvin)
2nd ed. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press 2002
Wilson Library (DS35.63 .L37 2002 ) and other locations

Islam : a thousand years of faith and power
Bloom, Jonathan (Jonathan M.) Blair, Sheila.
New Haven : Yale Univ. Press c2002
Available at UM TC Wilson Library (BP55 .B57 2002 ) and other locations
Locations (Get It)DetailsReviews & Tags Additional Services

Islam : a short history
Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2000
Wilson Library (BP50 .A69x 2000 )

The formation of the Islamic world, sixth to eleventh centuries
Robinson, Chase F.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press c2011
Online access

Historical atlas of Islam
Ruthven, Malise. Nanji, Azim.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press 2004
Wilson Library (Quarto G1786.S1 R9 2004)

The Muslim world 1100-1700 : early sources on Middle East history, geography and travel
Mashita, Hiroyuki.
London ; New York : Routledge 2007
Wilson Library (DS38.3 .M88 2007 )

Religious conflict and accommodation in the early modern world
Ragnow, Marguerite, 1955-; Phillips, William D., Jr.; University of Minnesota. Center for Early Modern History.
Minneapolis, MN : Center for Early Modern History, University of Minnesota c2011
Wilson Library (BL98 .R426 2011 )

Islam and Muslim history in South Asia
Robinson, Francis.
New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press 2000
Wilson Library Ames (BP63.A37 R63x 2000 )

Islam, South Asia, and the West
Robinson, Francis.
New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press 2007
Checked out at UM TC Wilson Library Ames (BP63.A37 R63 2007 )

Islam and Muslim history in South Asia
Robinson, Francis.
New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press 2000
Wilson Library Ames (BP63.A37 R63x 2000 )

Islam, South Asia, and the West
Robinson, Francis.
New Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press 2007
Wilson Library Ames (BP63.A37 R63 2007 )

Muslim Journeys

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The events scheduled for Fall have been held and what an amazing series of events they were!

What now?
-There may be additional off-campus events. These will be publicized when plans are confirmed.

- We have a subscription to Oxford Islamic Studies Online (OISO) accessible to anyone in a Twin Cities campus library; remote access to affiliated current students, staff and faculty.

- We have all 25 books in the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf. The University of Minnesota-Duluth Libraries also received the grant so their holdings will show up in MNCAT too:

Patel, Eboo, 1975- Acts of faith : the story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation / Eboo Patel. Boston : Beacon Press, [2010], c2007.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book E184.M88 P38 2010
 TC Wilson Library E184.M88 P38 2010

The Arabian Nights = Alf laylah wa-laylah / translated by Husain Haddawy ; based on the text of the fourteenth-century Syrian manuscript edited by Muhsin Mahdi. New York : W W Norton & Co Inc 2008, c1990.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PJ7715 .M87 2008
 TC Wilson Library PJ7715 .M87 2008

Porter, Venetia. The art of Hajj / Venetia Porter. Northampton, Mass. : Interlink Books, 2012.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book N6260 .P67 2012
 TC Wilson Library N6260 .P67 2012

Shamsie, Kamila, 1973- Broken verses / Kamila Shamsie. Orlando, Fla. : Harcourt, c2005.
UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PR9540.9.S485 B76 2005
TC Wilson Library PR9540.9.S485 B76 2005

Wilson, G. Willow, 1982- The butterfly mosque / G. Willow Wilson. New York, N.Y. : Atlantic Monthly Press, c2010.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BP170.5.W55 W55 2010
 TC Wilson Library BP170.5.W55 W55 2010

Peters, F. E. (Francis E.) The children of Abraham : Judaism, Christianity, Islam / F.E. Peters ; with a foreword by John L. Esposito. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2004.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BM157 .P47 2004
 TC Wilson Library BM157 .P47 2004

The Columbia sourcebook of Muslims in the United States / Edward E. Curtis IV, editor. New York : Columbia University Press, c2008.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book E184.M88 C65 2008

Attar, Farid al-Din, d. ca. 1230. The conference of the birds / Farid ud-Din Attar ; translated with an introduction by Afkham Darbandi and Dick Davis. London, England ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Penguin Books, 2011, c1984.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PK6451.F4 M2813 2011
 TC Wilson Library PK6451.F4 M2813 2011

Mernissi, Fatima. Dreams of trespass : tales of a harem girlhood / Fatima Mernissi ; photographs by Ruth V. Ward. New York, NY : Basic Books, [1995].
 TC Wilson Library CT2678.M47 A3 1995

Shadid, Anthony. House of stone : a memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East / Anthony Shadid. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.
 TC Wilson Library HQ663.9 .S53 2012

 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book HQ663.9 .S53 2012

Al-Khalili, Jim, 1962- The house of wisdom : how Arabic science saved ancient knowledge and gave us the Renaissance / Jim Al-Khalili. New York : Penguin Press, 2011.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book Q127.A5 A4 2011
 TC Walter Sci/Eng Library Books (Level F) Q127.A5 A4 2011
 TC Wilson Library Course Reserve Q127.A5 A4 2011

Ghosh, Amitav, 1956- In an antique land / Amitav Ghosh. New York : Vintage Books, 1994.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book DT56.2 .G48 1994
 TC Wilson Library DT56.2 .G48 1994

Matar, Hisham, 1970- In the country of men / Hisham Matar. New York : Dial Press Trade Paperbacks, 2008, c2006.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PR6113.A87 I515 2008
 TC Wilson Library PR6113.A87 I515 2008

Bloom, Jonathan (Jonathan M.) Islamic arts / Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair. London : Phaidon Press, 1997.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book N6260 .B57 1997X

Maalouf, Amin. Leo Africanus / Amin Maalouf ; translated by Peter Sluglett. New York : New Amsterdam, 1992.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PQ3979.2.M28 L413 1991
 UM MORRIS Briggs Library PQ3979.2.M28 L413 1991
 TC Wilson Library PQ3979.2.M28 L413 1991

Aboulela, Leila, 1964- Minaret / Leila Aboulela. New York : Black Cat, c2005.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PR6051.B68 M56 2005
 TC Wilson Library PR6051.B68 M56 2005

Brown, Jonathan (Jonathan A. C.) Muhammad : a very short introduction / Jonathan A. C. Brown. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2011.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BP75 .B66 2011
 TC Wilson Library BP75 .B66 2011

Menocal, Maria Rosa. The ornament of the world : how Muslims, Jews, and Christians created a culture of tolerance in medieval Spain / Maria Rosa Menocal; [foreword by Harold Bloom]. Boston : Little, Brown, c2002.
 UM MORRIS Briggs Library DP99 .M465 2002
 TC Wilson Library DP102 .M46x 2002

Satrapi, Marjane, 1969- Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi. New York : Pantheon Books, c2003.
 UM DULUTH Tweed Museum of Art PN6747.S245 P4713 2003
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PN6747.S245 P4713 2003
 TC Wilson Library Course Reserve (fall 2013) PN6747.S245 P4713 2003

Alford, Terry. Prince among slaves / Terry Alford. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book E444.I25 A78 2007
 TC Wilson Library E444.I25 A78 2007

Ahmed, Leila. A quiet revolution : the veil's resurgence, from the Middle East to America / Leila Ahmed. New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, c2011.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BP190.5.H44 A46 2011
 TC Wilson Library BP190.5.H44 A46 2011

Jalal al-Din Rumi, Maulana, 1207-1273. A Rumi anthology / translated by Reynold A. Nicholson. Oxford : Oneworld, c2000.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PK6480.E5 N53 2000

Jalal al-Din Rumi, Maulana, 1207-1273. Rumi, poet and mystic (1207-1273) / selections from his writings translated from the Persian with introd. and notes [by] Reynold A. Nicholson. Oxford, England ; Rockport, MA : Oneworld, c1995.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book PK6480.E5 N5 1995

Mattson, Ingrid. The story of the Qur'an : its history and place in Muslim life / Ingrid Mattson. Chichester, West Sussex ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BP132 .M39 2013

Mattson, Ingrid. The story of the Quran : its history and place in Muslim life / Ingrid Mattson. Malden, MA ; Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2008.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book BP132 .M39 2008
 TC Wilson Library BP132 .M39 2008

Gordon, Stewart, 1945- When Asia was the world : [traveling merchants, scholars, warriors, and monks who created the "riches of the east"] / Stewart Gordon. [Cambridge, Mass.] : Da Capo Press, 2009, c2008.
 UM DULUTH Martin Library Book DS5.95 .G67 2009
 TC Wilson Library DS5.95 .G67 2009

MNCAT Discovery almost here!

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MNCAT Discovery will greatly expand and enhance your ability to search books, articles, digital resources, and more through a "blended" search from the Libraries' website.

You also will have advanced options to search only materials in our collections and/or specific databases.

Test it out at:

Short-Term Changes (during semester break)

As we transition to this new tool and a new backend system, you may experience some short-term delays and disruptions through mid-January 2014, such as:

• A four-week disruption in the 'Get It' office delivery will occur. Faculty and staff should request pickup at their home library.

Long-Term Changes

We also will be making some lasting changes, such as:

• MNCAT Classic will be retired.
• Circulation practices were standardized for all UM campuses. Loan periods, fine rates and notices will change for some users.

Learn more at:

Books ordered November 2013

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A few books for holidays, festivals, feast days - and more. Enjoy!
Check the Libraries catalog for titles that interest you.

Adolphe Franck, Philosophe Juif, Spiritualiste Et Liberal Dans La France Du Xixe Siecle. Paper 2012
Constellations of Value: European Perspectives On The Intersections of Religion, Politics and Society. Paper 2013
Cross and The Lynching Tree. Cone, James H Paper 2013
Divine Order, The Human Order, and The Order of Nature: Historical Perspectives Cloth 2013
Food, Sex and Strangers: Understanding Religion As Everyday Life. Harvey, Graham, 1959- Ebook 2013
Friendship. Grayling, A.C Cloth 2013
Hanukkah in America: A History. Ashton, Dianne Cloth 2013
Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. Deborah Heiligman Paper 2009
Islam and Its Festivals. Is'harc, Istafiah Paper 1997
Islamic Year: Suras, Stories and Celebrations. Al-Gailani, Noorah Paper 2002
Nicolas De Cues Et L'islam Paper 2013
Novelty: A History of The New. North, Michael, 1951- Ebook 2013
Religious Statues and Personhood: Testing The Role of Materiality. Whitehead, Amy Cloth 2013
Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories From The Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism. Bennoune, Karima Cloth

Books ordered October 1

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These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

In God's Shadow: Politics in The Hebrew Bible. Walzer, Michael Cloth 2012

Politics In The Hebrew Bible: God, Man, And Government. Schwartz, Matthew B Cloth 2013

Small God, Big City: Earth God Shrines in Urban Hong Kong. Wolf, Michael, 1954- Cloth 2013

New Title by Prof. Bashiri

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We're eagerly awaiting the forthcoming publication by U of M professor Iraj Bashiri!

Modern Iranian Philosophy: From Ibn Sīnā to Mullā Ṣadrā Shīrāzī
By Iraj Bashiri
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-783-8, 264 pages

publication information

Books ordered

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Books ordered for Religious Studies 9/26/2013

These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

Between Rome And Jerusalem: Herod The Great And His Sons In Their Struggle For Recognition: A Chronological Investigation Of The Period 40 Bc-39 Ad With A Time Setting. Mahieu, Bieke Cloth 2012

Cursillo Movement In America: Catholics, Protestants, And Fourth-Day Spirituality. Nabhan-Warren, Kristy Paper 2013

From Symbolic Exile To Physical Exile: Turkey's Imam Hatip Schools, The Emergence Of A Conservative Counter-Elite, And Its Knowledge Migration To Europe. Caglar, Ismail Ebook

Growing Up Canadian: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists Ebook 2013

Mississippi Praying: Southern White Evangelicals And The Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975. Dupont, Carolyn Renee Cloth 2013

Playful, Glad, And Free: Karl Barth And A Theology Of Popular Culture. Decou, Jessica Paper 2013

Religious Conversions In The Mediterranean World Ebook 2013

Books ordered September 2013

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These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

  • Beyond Conversion And Syncretism: Indigenous Encounters With Missionary Christianity, 1800-2000. Ebook 2012

  • Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation And Conflict. Norenzayan, Ara, 1970- Ebook 2013

  • Cultural Sociology Within Innovative Treatise: Islamic Insights On Human Symbols. Dhaouadi, Mahmoud Cloth 2013

  • David Remembered: Kingship And National Identity In Ancient Israel. Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927- Paper 2013

  • Deconstructing Theodicy: Why Job Has Nothing To Say To The Puzzled Suffering. Burrell, David B Ebook 2008

  • Economy, Family, And Society From Rome To Islam: A Critical Edition, English Translation, AndStudy Of Bryson's Management Of The Estate. Swain, Simon Cloth 2013

  • Korean Spirituality. Baker, Don Ebook 2008

  • Philippi: How Christianity Began In Europe: The Epistle To The Philippians And The Excavations At Philippi. Verhoef, Eduard Ebook 2013

  • Post-Islamism: The Changing Faces Of Political Islam Paper 2013

  • Religious Authority And Political Thought In Twelver Shi'ism: From Ali To Post-Khomeini. Mavani, Hamid Ebook 2013

  • Sacrifice And Gender In Biblical Law. Ruane, Nicole J., 1970- Ebook 2013

  • Vodou. Peressini, Mauro Paper 2012

  • Why The West Fears Islam: An Exploration Of Muslims In Liberal Democracies. Cesari, Jocelyne Paper 2013

  • Why Tolerate Religion? Leiter, Brian Ebook 2013

  • Books ordered August 2013

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    These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

    Animals as Religious Subjects: Transdisciplinary Perspectives Cloth 2013
    Between Court and Confessional: The Politics of Spanish Inquisitors. Lynn, Kimberly Cloth 2013
    Beyond Conversion and Syncretism: Indigenous Encounters With Missionary Christianity, 1800-2000. Ebook 2012
    Big Gods: How Religion Transformed Cooperation and Conflict. Norenzayan, Ara, 1970- Ebook 2013
    Black Muslims in The Us: History, Politics, and The Struggle of A Community. Rashid, Samory, 1948- Paper 2013
    Economy, Family, and Society From Rome To Islam: A Critical Edition, English Translation, and Study of Bryson's Management of The Estate. Swain, Simon Cloth 2013
    Evolutionary Religion. Schellenberg, J.L., 1959- Ebook 2013

    Islam in Indonesia: Contrasting Images and Interpretations Ebook 2013
    Kant and The Creation of Freedom: A Theological Problem. Insole, Christopher J Cloth 2013
    Korean Spirituality. Baker, Don Ebook 2008
    Last Years of Saint Therese: Doubt and Darkness, 1895-1897. Nevin, Thomas R., 1944- Ebook 2013
    Lebanese Salafis Between The Gulf and Europe: Development, Fractionalization and Transnational Networks of Salafism in Lebanon. Pall, Zoltan Ebook 2013
    One Family Under God: Immigration Politics and Progressive Religion in America. Yukich, Grace, 1980- Paper 2013
    Philippi: How Christianity Began in Europe: The Epistle To The Philippians and The Excavations At Philippi. Verhoef, Eduard Ebook 2013
    Post-Islamism: The Changing Faces of Political Islam Paper 2013
    Postmodern Saints of France: Refiguring 'The Holy' in Contemporary French Philosophy Paper 2013
    Presenting The Romans: Interpreting The Frontiers of The Roman Empire World Heritage Site Ebook 2013
    Religion and Politics in The Middle East: Identity, Ideology, Institutions, and Attitudes. Lee, Robert Deemer, 1941- Ebook 2014
    Religious Authority and Political Thought in Twelver Shi'ism: From Ali To Post-Khomeini. Mavani, Hamid Ebook 2013
    Slandering The Jew: Sexuality and Difference in Early Christian Texts. Drake, Susanna Cloth 2013
    State Management of Religion in Indonesia. Seo, Myengkyo Cloth 2013
    Theological Vision of Reinhold Niebuhr's The Irony of American History: "In The Battle and Above It". Erwin, Scott R Cloth
    Two-State Solution: The Un Partition Resolution of Mandatory Palestine: Analysis and Sources Ebook 2013
    Vodou. Peressini, Mauro Paper 2012
    Why The West Fears Islam: An Exploration of Muslims in Liberal Democracies. Cesari, Jocelyne Paper 2013

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