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Recently Ordered Titles

These titles in religious studies have just been ordered. The records will not show up in MNCAT for a little while.
updated 12/30/2008

Title Author Pub Yr

Bible And The People. Ferrell, Lori Anne, 1957- 2008
Biblical Interpretation At Qumran Paper 2005
Byzantine Christianity (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2006
Christian Origins (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2005
Constructions Of Space Ii: The Biblical City And Other Imagined Spaces 2008
Early Jewish Prayers In Greek. Horst, Pieter Willem Van Der 2008
Eschatology In The Indo-Iranian Traditions: The Genesis And Transformation Of A Doctrine. Ara, Mitra 2008
Gita Within Walden. Friedrich, Paul, 1927- 2008
Guide To The Dead Sea Scrolls And Related Literature. Fitzmyer, Joseph A Paper 2008
Medieval Christianity (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2009
Modern Christianity To 1900 (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2007
Pentecost And Sinai: The Festival Of Weeks As A Celebration Of The Sinai Event. Park, Sejin 2008
Qur'an In 99 Questions; Trans. By Abdullah Erdemli. Akgul, Muhittin 2008
Reformation Christianity (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2006
Sacred History, Sacred Literature: Essays On Ancient Israel, The Bible, And Religion In Honor Of R. 2008
Sustaining Fictions: Intertextuality, Midrash, Translation, And The Literary Afterlife Of The Bible. Stahlberg, Lesleigh Cushing 2008
Teaching Death And Dying 2008
Therapeutic Eye: How Rudolf Steiner Observed Children; Trans. By Anna R. Meuss. Selg, Peter, 1963- 2008
Tradition Witnessing The Modern Age: An Analysis Of The Gulen Movement. Ergene, M. Enes 2008
Twentieth-Century Global Christianity (Series: People's History Of Christianity.) 2008
Who Are The Real Chosen People?: The Meaning Of Chosenness In Judaism, Christianity And Islam. Firestone, Reuven, 1952- 2008
Word Fitly Spoken: Poetic Artistry In The First Four Acrostics Of The Hebrew Psalter. Maloney, Les D Cloth 2009
World's Religions After September 11 ( 4vol. Conf. proceedings) see pub info 2009

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