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Perspectives Magazine online

Read the online Perspectives Magazine, The magazine of the Program in Religious Studies.

Brief overview of contents:
From the Director / By Jeanne H. Kilde

Puzzles of Antiquity / By Kelly O'Brien
The Dead Sea Scrolls, both mysterious and revealing, continue to fascinate Professor Alex Jassen. In an exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota, the public can learn more about these ancient documents.

Student Spotlight: Nate Ramsayer
This edition of the Student Spotlight features Nate Ramsayer. Nate is a senior enrolled in the religious studies major in Track II, Texts and Traditions.

Faculty Spotlight: Penny Edgell / By Sara-Jo Kriedeman
In this issue, the faculty spotlight shines on Penny Edgell, professor of sociology, and a member of the Religious Studies steering committee.

Summer Workshop with Robert Orsi: Ethical, Methodological, and Pedagogical Challenges / By Daniel Winchester
A workshop sponsored by the religious studies program and the Institute for Advanced Study, a one-day workshop entitled Ethical, Methodological, and Pedagogical Challenges in the Empirical Study of Religion was held on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at the Nolte Center.

On the Cutting Edge: Rethinking an Ancient Text / By Sara-Jo Kriedeman
University of Minnesota professor Bernard M. Levinson shows his students and readers the power and importance of biblical studies.

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