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Titles ordered for Religious Studies, Philosophy and Jewish Studies

Titles ordered for Religious Studies, Philosophy and Jewish Studies

Introduction To Religious Studies./Sindima, Harvey J/University Pr Of America/2009/Paper

Deliverance Of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading Of Justification In Paul./Campbell, Douglas A/W B Eerdmans Pub Co/2009/Cloth

Called For Freedom: The Changing Context Of Liberation Theology; Trans. By Phillip Berryman./Comblin, Jose, 1923-/Wipf & Stock Publishers/2009/Paper

Philosophy, Science And Divine Action//BRILL/2009/Cloth

Divine Impassibility And The Mystery Of Human Suffering//W B EERDMANS PUB CO/2009/Paper

Mystery Of The Rosary: Marian Devotion And The Reinvention Of Catholicism./Mitchell, Nathan/New York University Press/2009/Cloth

What's Wrong With Sin?: Sin In Individual And Social Perspective From Schleiermacher To Theologies Of Liberation./Nelson, Derek R/T & T Clark/2009/Paper

Companion To The Great Western Schism (1378-1417)//BRILL/2009/Cloth

Templars: The History And The Myth./Haag, Michael/Harpercollins/2009/Paper

Expose Of Polygamy: A Lady's Life Among The Mormons//UTAH STATE UNIV PRESS/2008/eBook

Digging Through The Bible: Understanding Biblical People, Places, And Controversies Through Archaeology./Freund, Richard A/Rowman & Littlefield/2009/Cloth

William Foxwell Albright And The Origins Of Biblical Archaeology./Feinman, Peter Douglas/Andrews Univ Press/2004/Paper

Talking With Sartre: Conversations And Debates//YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS/2009/Paper

Vattimo And Theology./Guarino, Thomas G/T & T Clark/2009/Paper

Front Page Israel: Modern Israel's Extraordinary History As Captured On The Front Pages Of The Jerusalem Post./Gefen Publishing/2009/Cloth

Kosher Food Production./Blech, Zushe Yosef/Wiley-Blackwell/2008/eBook

Uncommon Friendships: An Amicable History Of Modern Religious Thought./Young, William W/Cascade Books/2009/Paper

Encounters Of Consequence: Jewish Philosophy In The Twentieth Century And Beyond./Oppenheim, Michael D., 1946-/Academic Studies Press/2009/Cloth

Etty Hillesum: Essential Writings/Hillesum, Etty, 1914-1943/Orbis/2009/Paper

Caledonian Jews: A Study Of Seven Small Communities In Scotland./Abrams, Nathan/Mcfarland/2009/eBook

Multicultural Challenge In Israel//Academic Studies Press/2009/Cloth

Israel Vs. Utopia./Schalit, Joel/Akashic Books/2009/Paper

Akkadian Lexicon Companion For Biblical Hebrew: Etymological-Semantic And Idiomatic Equivalents With Supplement On Biblical Aramaic./Tawil, Hayim/Ktav/2009/Paper

Ezekiel's Wheels./Kaufman, Shirley/Copper Canyon/2009/Paper

Religion And Political Violence: Sacred Protest In The Modern World./Jefferis, Jennifer L/Routledge/2010/eBook

Arab Center: The Promise Of Moderation./Muasher, Marwan/Yale University Press/2008/eBook

Sin: A History./Anderson, Gary A., 1955-/Yale University Press/2009/eBook

Arabian Plights: The Future Middle East./Rodgers, Peter/Scribe Publications/2009/Paper

Marginal Jew: Rethinking The Historical Jesus; Vol. 4: Law And Love./Meir, John P/Yale University Press/2009/eBook

Nazi Propaganda For The Arab World./Herf, Jeffrey, 1947-/Yale University Press/2009/eBook

Egyptian Strategy For The Yom Kippur War: An Analysis; Trans. By Moshe Tlamim./Asher, Dani/Mcfarland/2009/eBook

Women In The World Of The Earliest Christians: Illuminating Ancient Ways Of Life./Cohick, Lynn H/Baker Book House/2009/Paper

Marginal Jew: Rethinking The Historical Jesus; Vol. 4: Law And Love./Meir, John P/Yale University Press/2009/Cloth

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