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Books on order 2/10/2010

Book Of Genesis. Crumb, R Cloth 2009

Ethics For Jessica: Meditations On Living. Yates, Gayle Graham (Professor Emerita, American Studies, UMN Twin Cities) Paper

Exodus And Emancipation: Biblical And African-American Slavery. Chelst, Kenneth (Kenneth Richard) Cloth 2009

From Orality To Orality: A New Paradigm For Contextual Translation Of The Bible. Maxey, James A Paper 2009

Healing In The Early Church: The Church's Ministry Of Healing And Exorcism From The First To The Fifth Century. Daunton-Fear, Andrew Paper 2009

Iconographic Exegesis And Third Isaiah. De Hulster, Izaak J Paper 2009

Science And Religion In Dialogue Ebook 2010

Shaking The World For Jesus: Media And Conservative Evangelical Culture. Hendershot, Heather Cloth 2004

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