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Current titles on order for Religious Studies, Jewish Studies and Philosophy

These titles were just ordered. Check MNCAT in a few weeks to see if they've arrived!

Am I Sleeping With The Enemy?: Males And Females In The Image Of God. Clark, Ron Paper 2010
Between Religion And Politics. Brown, Nathan J Paper 2010
Bonhoeffer And King: Their Legacies And Import For Christian Social Thought Paper 2010
Breaking Boundaries: Female Biblical Interpreters Who Challenged The Status Quo Cloth 2010
Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction. Long, D. Stephen, 1960- Paper 2010
Contextual Theology And Revolutionary Transformation In Latin America: The Missiology Of M. Richard Shaull. Santiago-Vendrall, Angel D Paper 2010
Coptic Papacy In Islamic Egypt (641-1517) Swanson, Mark N Cloth 2010
Deleuze And Ricoeur: Disavowed Affinities And The Narrative Self. Sheerin, Declan Cloth 2009
Exploring The Postsecular: The Religious, The Political And The Urban Cloth 2010
Getting The Reformation Wrong: Correcting Some Misunderstandings. Payton, James R., 1947- Paper 2010
Introduction To Second Temple Judaism: History And Religion Of The Jews In The Time Of Nehemiah, The Maccabees, Hillel And Jesus. Grabbe, Lester L Paper 2010
Islam And Peacebuilding: Gulen Movement Initiatives Cloth 2010
John Stone's Chronicle: Christ Church Priory, Canterbury, 1417-1472 Stone, John, D. Ca. 1480 Paper 2010
Jonathan Edwards On Worship: Public And Private Devotion To God. Rivera, Ted Paper 2010
Julian Of Toledo: Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi = Foreknowledge Of The World To Come Julianus, Saint, Bp. Of Toledo, D. 690 Cloth 2010
Kierkegaard And Theology. Rae, Murray Paper 2010
On Disobedience: Why Freedom Means Saying "No" To Power. Fromm, Erich, 1900-1980 Paper 2010
Paul And The Early Jewish Encounter With Deuteronomy. Lincicum, David, 1979- Paper 2010
Priscilla And Aquila: Paul's Coworkers In Christ Jesus. Keller, Marie Noel Paper 2010
Prophets And Prophecy In Jewish And Early Christian Literature Paper 2010
Reference Grammar Of Modern Hebrew. Coffin, Edna Amir Paper 2005
Rhythm Of Being: The Gifford Lectures. Panikkar, Raimundo, 1918- Cloth 2010
Subtle Body: The Story Of Yoga In America. Syman, Stefanie Cloth 2010
Surprising Election And Confirmation Of King David. Short, John Randall, 1970- Paper 2010
Text And Canon Of The Hebrew Bible: Collected Studies. Talmon, Shemaryahu, 1920- Cloth 2010
Transformative Lutheran Theologies: Feminist, Womanist, And Mujerista Perspectives. Paper 2010
Zheng Guanying: Merchant Reformer Of Late Qing China And His Influence On Economics, Politics, And Society. Wu, Guo Cloth 2010

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