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Recent ebook selections (coming soon in MNCAT)

Selected for the Libraries in ebook format:

Comparative theories of Nonduality: the Search For A Middle Way. Scarborough, Milton, 1940- Ebook 2009
Contextualizing Gender In Early Christian Discourse: Thinking Beyond thecla. Vander Stichele, Caroline Ebook 2009
Darwin and Catholicism: the Past and Present Dynamics of A Cultural Encounter Ebook 2009
Eating and Believing: Interdisciplinary Perspectives On Vegetarianism and theology Ebook 2008
Hadrian and the Christians Ebook 2010
Hinduism Today. Jacobs, Stephen Ebook 2010
Islam Today. Geaves, Ron Ebook 2010
Life In the Medieval Cloister. Kerr, Julie Ebook 2009
Salamanca School. Alves, andre Azevedo Ebook 2010
Theology and Religious Studies In Higher Education: Global Perspectives Ebook 2009
Women and Ordination In the Christian Churches: International Perspectives Ebook

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