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E-Books ordered April 12

Interested in one of these e-books? Search by title in MNCAT Classic in a few weeks for availability

Note: Access to these e-books will require U of M authentication.

Biography Of Muhammad: Nature And Authenticity; Trans. By Uwe Vagelpohl. Schoeler, GregorEbook 2011

Confucianism: An Introduction. Littlejohn, Ronnie L Ebook 2011

Hymns Of Zoroaster: A New Translation Of The Most Ancient Sacred Texts Of Iran; Trans. By M.L. West. Ebook 2010

Islamophobia: The Challenge Of Pluralism In The 21st Century Ebook 2011

Islam's Quantum Question: Reconciling Muslim Tradition And Modern Science. Guessoum, NidhalEbook 2011

Judaism: An Introduction.Leaman, Oliver, 1950- Ebook 2011

Lutheran Theology. Paulson, Steven D Ebook

Origin Of The Bible: A Guide For The Perplexed. Mcdonald, Lee Martin Ebook 2011

Radical Religion In Cromwell's England: A Concise History From The English Civil War To The End Of The Commonwealth. Bradstock, Andrew Ebook 2011

Shi'ism: A Religion Of Protest. Dabashi, Hamid Ebook 2011

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