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Recent selections in Religion

These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

Adam, Satan, and the King of Tyre: the interpretation of Ezekiel 28:11-19 in Late antiquity. Patmore, Hector M Cloth 2012
Alfred Dreyfus: Man, Milieu, Mentality, and Midrash. Simms, Norman Cloth
American Muslim Women, Religious authority, and activism: More Than a Prayer. Hammer, Juliane Ebook 2012
Apocalyptic Realm: Jihadists in South asia. Hiro, Dilip Cloth 2012
Blaming Islam. Bowen, John Richard, 1951- Ebook 2012
Composition of the Pentateuch: Renewing the Documentary Hypothesis. Baden, Joel S., 1977- Cloth 2012
Contemplative Nation: a Philosophical account of Jewish theological Language. Fisher, Cass, 1968- Cloth 2012
Francis of Assisi: a New Biography. Thompson, augustine Cloth 2012
Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam Cloth 2012
In the Whirlwind: God and Humanity in Conflict. Burt, Robert, 1939- Cloth 2012
Jewish Gospels: the Story of the Jewish Christ. Boyarin, Daniel Cloth 2012
John Woolman's Path to the Peaceable Kingdom: a Quaker in the British Empire. Plank, Geoffrey Gilbert, 1960- Cloth 2012
Land, Credit and Crisis: agrarian Finance in the Hebrew Bible. Guillaume, Philippe Cloth 2012
Lithuanian Yeshivas of the Nineteenth Century: Creating a Tradition of Learning.; Trans. By Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz. Stampfer, Shaul Cloth 2012
Next Christendom: the Coming of Global Christianity. Jenkins, Philip Ebook 2011
Persepolis and Jerusalem: Iranian influence on the apocalyptic Hermeneutic. Silverman, Jason M Cloth 2012
Political Economy of Liberation: Thomas Sowell and James Cone on the Black Experience. Bradley, anthony B Cloth 2012
Portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: a Narrative-Critical and theological Study. Cabrido, John aranda, 1959- Cloth 2012
Quebec apres Bouchard-Taylor: Les Identites Religieuses De L'immigration Ebook 2012
Qumran Und Die archaologie: Texte Und Kontexte Cloth 2011
Rabbi Judah Moscato and the Jewish intellectual World of Mantua in the 16th-17th Centuries Ebook 2012
Rational Believer: Choices and Decisions in the Madrasas of Pakistan. Bano, Masooda, 1973- Cloth 2012
Spirit of tolerance in Islam. Shah-Kazemi, Reza Paper 2012
Surrounded By Bitterness: Images Schemas and Metaphors For Conceptualizing Distress in Classical Hebrew. King, Philip D Paper 2012
Take Me to the Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography, 1890-1950. Sante, Luc Cloth 2009
Unimagined: a Muslim Boy Meets the West. ahmad, Imran Cloth 2007
Varieties of Religious Experience: a Study in Human Nature. James, William Ebook 2002

Dreyfus affair: the scandal that tore France in two. Read, Piers Paul cloth 2012
Gentile New York: the images of non-Jews among Jewish immigrants. Ribak, gil ebook 2012
Hunting down the Jews: Vichy, the Nazis, and mafia collaborators in Provence, 1942-1944. Levendel, isaac, 1936- cloth 2011
Marginal voices cloth 2012
Spinoza problem: a novel. Yalom, irvin d., 1931- cloth 2012
Swimming in Moses' well: poems on numbers. Azriel, Yakov, 1950- paper 2011
When General Grant expelled the Jews. Sarna, jonathan d cloth 2012
Years of persecution, years of extermination: Saul Friedlander and the future of holocaust studies.Paper 2010

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