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Recent Selections in Religious Studies May 2012

These titles were just ordered. If you are interested in one of these books, check MNCAT In a few weeks. Search by title in MNCAT Classic for call number and availability.

"Islam" Means Peace: Understanding The Muslim Principle Of Nonviolence Today. Pal, Amitabh Ebook 2011
Companion To Multiconfessionalism In The Early Modern World Ebook 2011
Continuum Companion To Continental Philosophy Ebook 2009
Conversion After Socialism: Disruptions, Modernisms And Technologies Of Faith In The Former Soviet Union. Ebook 2009
Diversity And Pluralism In Islam: Historical And Contemporary Discourses Amongst Muslims Ebook 2010
Exclusion And Embrace: A Theological Exploration Of Identity, Otherness, And Reconciliation. Volf, Miroslav Ebook 1996
God And The Founders: Madison, Washington, And Jefferson. Munoz, Vincent Phillip Ebook 2009
Gods Of Ancient Greece: Identities And Transformations Ebook 2010
Human Rights Or Religious Rules?. Ebook 2010

more titles:
Anti-saints: the new golden legend of Sylvain Marechal; trans. By Sheila Delany. Marechal, sylvain, 1750-1803 paper 2012
Authority and Authorization Of Torah In The Persian Period.Lee, Kyong-Jin Paper 2011
Baptist manual of polity and practice Maring, Norman h. (norman hill), 1914- paper
Beta Testing the Apocalypse. Kaczynski, Tom Flexi 2012
Church's other half: women's ministry. Beeson, Trevor cloth 2011
Comics Go To Hell: A Visual History Of The Devil In Comics. Stromberg, Fredrik Cloth 2005
Discipline and debate: the language of violence in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Lempert, Michael paper 2012
Dorothee soelle--mystic and rebel: the biography wind, renate, 1950- cloth 2012
Faiths of the postwar presidents: from truman to obama. Holmes, david l. (david lynn) cloth 2012
Font of life: Ambrose, Augustine, and the mystery of baptism. Wills, Garry, 1934- cloth 2012
Foreign nations in the wisdom of Ben Sira: a Jewish sage between opposition and assimilation. Marttila, marko, 1974- cloth 2012
Friendship Of Women: A Spiritual Tradition. Chittister, Joan Paper 2000
God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World--And Why Their Differences Matter. Prothero, Stephen R Cloth 2010
Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality for Women And Men. Chittister, Joan D Paper 1998
Hindu Goddesses: Beliefs And Practices. Foulston, Lynn Paper 2009
Hosting The Stranger: Between Religions Paper 2011
Illness And Health In The Jewish Tradition: Writings From The Bible To Today Cloth 1999
Jerusalem temple and early Christian identity. Wardle, Timothy ebook 2010
Jewish Reception Of Greek Bible Versions: Studies In Their Use In Late Antiquity And The Middle. Lange, N.R.M. De Cloth 2009
Jewish Theology And World Religions Cloth 2012
Limits of hospitality. Wrobleski, Jessica paper 2012
Manifesto Of The Critical Theory Of Society And Religion: The Wholly Other, Liberation, Happiness And The Rescue Of The Hopeless. Siebert, Rudolf, 1927- Cloth 2010
Orted by class - lc/nlm ascending then by title ascending
Same call, different men: the evolution of the priesthood since Vatican ii. Gautier, mary, 1952-x paper 2012
Secularism And Religion In Jewish-Israeli Politics: Traditionists And Modernity. Yadgar, Yaacov Cloth 2011
Shadow Of A Great Rock: A Literary Appreciation Of The King James Bible. Bloom, Harold Ebook 2011
South Asian Buddhism: A Survey. Berkwitz, Stephen C., 1969- Paper 2010
Thinking Christ: Christology and contemporary critics. Barter Moulaison, Jane, 1969- paper 2012
Tracking Bodhidharma: a journey to the heart of Chinese culture. Ferguson, Andy cloth 2012
War and peace in islam: a critique of Islamic/ist political discourses. Mirbagheri, Farid ebook 2012
What are they saying about the gospel of Thomas? Skinner, Christopher w paper 2012
Who Chose The Gospels?: Probing The Great Gospel Conspiracy. Hill, C.E Cloth 2010
Women in ministry: emerging questions about the diaconate. Zagano, Phyllis paper 2012
World Of Jesus And The Early Church: Identity And Interpretation In Early Communities Of Faith Paper 2011

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