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May 5, 2005

Campus News: Presence of Absence

It's weird to work at the University, particularly on West Bank, and have to watch the local TV news to find out what is happening on campus. I went home yesterday after what seemed here a pleasant uneventful day, and on the other side of the river, students were sitting in at Morrill Hall (or Merrill Hall as one news announcer called it), and a few were getting maced.

The Save GC rally and many other events occur on campus and we're often oblivious to it all. Perhaps this is due to our geographic semi-isolation, similar to the experience of folks on the St. Paul side of campus.

I ran a search on the U of M Search for "save GC" and many of the entries were in other people's blogs. Does the U of M News update us on such events? Well, you'll get the official announcement about Strategic Positioning. For sure there were no official e-mails about such, but the Daily did pick it up today.
U police arrest 9 at sit-in

And of course the GC home page links to several relevant pages.

I'm just saying, it's strange to have to go home and watch the news to find out what happened on campus!

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