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March 23, 2006

Book Club Spring Summer 2006

Here is our new Book Club Schedule:

April 19 – The Cape Ann (Sullivan) at Anne’s

May 17 – Roosevelt (theme) at Anne’s

June 21 – The Seville Communion (Perez-Reverte) at Susan’s

July -- A Country Doctor's Casebook by Roger A. MacDonald (Rosemary's pick) at Meggin's

August -- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon -- at Ruth's

September -- The White by Deborah Larsen. at Sarah's

October 18 – The Painted Drum (Erdrich) at Roberta’s

The rest can be filled in as we go…(see below)
…see you next month…

Book Picks / Suggestions
March 22, 2006


A Country Doctor’s Casebook: Tales from the North Woods / Roger A MacDonald

Eggs in the Coffee, Sheep in the Corn / Marjorie Meyers Douglas

Minnesota Goes to War: The Home Front During WWII / Dave Kenney

Dial M: The Murder of Carol Thompson / William Swanson

John Dillinger Slept Here: A Crooks Tour of Crime and Corruption in St. Paul 1920-1936 / Paul Maccabee


River of Doubt / Candice Millard

Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce / Kent Nerburn

The Painted Drum / Louise Erdrich

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene / Jean-Yves Leloup

The Professor and the Madman / Simon Winchester

The Red Tent or Good Harbor / Anita Diamant
Poisonwood Bible / Barbara Kingsolver
The Cape Ann / Faith Sullivan

Dreams From My Father/ Barack Obama

The Seville Communion / Arturo Perez-Reverte

Memoirs of a Geisha / Arthur Golden


Assassination Vacation / Sarah Vowell

Shantaram / Gregory David Roberts

The World is Flat / Thomas Friedman

Themes: Lincoln / Civil War / Roosevelt (Eleanor, FDR, Teddy)


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March 14, 2006

Sor Juana's Second Dream

Author info for book club:

Author Biography: Alicia Gaspar de Alba

Author's page at César E. Chávez Center for Chicana and Chicano Studies at UCLA.

Reviews of Sor Juana's Dream

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March 13, 2006

Sortation Facility

I recently ordered something for my living room and just checked online to see how the shipping was moving along. I love it that one can even do such a thing. I was amused to learn that it has been shipped and is now at the "sortation facility"! I just wonder, what ever happened to the word "sorting"? It was a perfectly functional word. Maybe they report to George.

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A Whole Host of Problems

For those of you who recall the earlier news stories of the church denying communion to the girl allergic to wheat, here's the latest case.

Church denies Communion to autistic boy because he can't swallow the host.

It's very sad to read these stories, and I trust this represents a tiny minority within that church. As an adult one can simply find a parish, one that embraces believers and acknowledges that none of us is perfect, but what do you tell a kid who already has enough trouble, that he can't be fed?

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