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April 19, 2008

Dixie Cups

Dixie cups as an ice cream phenomenon (vs. little drinking cups) came up in the conversation at book club last time.
I mentioned that the Oceanaire in Philly serves Dixie Cups.

Here's the story of the original Dixie Cups, from this site:
Dixie's first great success story after moving to Easton began in 1923, with an idea of merchandising an individual serving of ice cream in a Dixie cup. The company's first contracts were with Weed's Ice Cream Company of Allentown and Carry Ice Cream Company of Washington, D.C. to sell a 5oz. cup for ten cents. Although the first experiments were a disaster, the company soon developed a smaller, more rigid 2 1/2 oz.cup that would not absorb moisture, or crumble in the filling process, that would sell for five cents. To develop an adequate filling machine, Mojonnier Brothers, authorities on the engineering of filling devices, created an automatic machine to fill a paper cup with two flavors of ice cream at one time. Ice Cream Dixies earned almost instantaneous consumer acceptance.

and another site that has a picture:

Here is a lid:

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April 17, 2008

Modern Marvels this summer
Anne has added new entries under Modern Marvels.

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