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August 29, 2008

McCain: quick, get a chick!

Poor McCain, trying to match the DNC. Grabbing a governor nobody knows because she's a woman. Nice trick. It's too little, too late, just like Bush and Katrina.

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August 27, 2008

Cranky Consumer

Ok, I just have to let a few things out:

What is it with furniture stores? Why do they come up with the most annoying ads on tv of almost any product, with the notable exception of Republican candidates?

Is SilenceYourRooster advertising an anti-Vi*gra product? It's a cute ad, but if they can't tell us what they're selling, I'm not going to bother to Google it to find out. I just don't care.

Why do so many cable channels, and increasingly, network channels, feel compelled to provide surround sound of non-stop percussion? It makes me run for the remote. They can stop it anytime.

Why does any company think people want to watch animated bears wiping their rear ends, or watch people in a fish-eye lens gargle, or watch animated snot talking to a medication? We don't want to see it. That goes for hygiene products too, "enhancement" products, etc.

There will be more. Watch this space.

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August 7, 2008

Bio Graphic Novels

Anne tipped us off to an article titled Top 10 graphic novels by Danny Fingeroth published in the July 30 2008 issue of the Guardian

which will give you someplace to go after reading Maus, Persepolis, The Quitter and A Contract with God! (tell me you've been following the ALA/Nextbook series Modern Marvels)

We had a great discussion about the term "graphic novels" since many of the well-known ones are not really novels, not really fiction, but rather biographical or autobiographical. So I want to call them "biographix", but there is a company "out there" on the Web by that name, so I don't know how far we can run with it. But on the other hand they're not doing graphic "novels" and it's a tad hard to worry about an org that uses the word "firstly" on its site, even if it does appear in dictionaries, including the OED.

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August 2, 2008

Things seen while walking in the neighborhood

I've started walking more, and there is always something to see that I haven't seen before.
Tonight I saw:
a four inch stub of a green pencil with eraser.
a white dresser marked FREE
a white golf tee
a block party
a wooden slat fence with a small plastic person's head peering over the top, with expressive hands gesturing "over the back fence"
two little boys, one walking on a retaining wall and the other warning him not to do it
a white Ford Focus. The occupants threw garbage out of their window. I didnt get the whole license plate # though.
six guys hanging out on opposite sides of the street. One had a golf club and took a swing. I hope the ball was plastic!
and a few nights ago I saw two little lumps on a car that turned out to be still hairless baby squirrels, one alive, one not. I put the living one at the base of the tree. It was gone a few nights later. I hope the mother squirrel found it and took it back to her nest.

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