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October 8, 2008

Things seen today

8:45 a.m. fog burning off the river this morning

10:45 a dear friend who also attended the mandatory ergonomics class for staff

2:30 p.m. a cluster of box elder bugs buzzing around a tree just down the hill from the Ted Mann Concert Hall. I was glad they weren't wasps, since there were about a dozen of them.

2:45 p.m. mallards floating down the river, quacking as they went.

5:30 p.m. a man riding his motorcycle toward west River Road, standing up on the cushioned seat. He was wearing a helmet.

5:45 traffic backed up on Ford Parkway

5:55 city employees tarring Ford Parkway in the middle of the evening rush hour....

8:30 p.m. the instructions to my snow blower as I attached the handle to the main body of the machine.

also seen recently: colorful extensions at Bleach

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September 22, 2008

some sounds heard in the last two days

alarm clock
thump of New York Times and Star Tribune on the doorsteps
pastor singing the liturgy
children making restless noises in church
greetings and conversation at church
airplanes flying overhead
thumps of tennis balls and clothing in the dryer
campaign ads on television
my sister's voice on the phone
the bells at CSC's chapel
garage door
coworkers talking
exit gate beeps
Best of Eric Clapton CD
Richard Stoltzman CD Begin Sweet World
a cardinal hopping in the garden
children next door talking to their parents
microwave oven beeping
the wind
whirring of the computer fan
ceiling fans

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August 2, 2008

Things seen while walking in the neighborhood

I've started walking more, and there is always something to see that I haven't seen before.
Tonight I saw:
a four inch stub of a green pencil with eraser.
a white dresser marked FREE
a white golf tee
a block party
a wooden slat fence with a small plastic person's head peering over the top, with expressive hands gesturing "over the back fence"
two little boys, one walking on a retaining wall and the other warning him not to do it
a white Ford Focus. The occupants threw garbage out of their window. I didnt get the whole license plate # though.
six guys hanging out on opposite sides of the street. One had a golf club and took a swing. I hope the ball was plastic!
and a few nights ago I saw two little lumps on a car that turned out to be still hairless baby squirrels, one alive, one not. I put the living one at the base of the tree. It was gone a few nights later. I hope the mother squirrel found it and took it back to her nest.

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