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If you missed the DNC last night you missed a mighty powerful evening. I don't know when I've heard that many great political speeches in one block.

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Mr Winkle (Friday Fun)

What could be more entertaining and fun for a Friday than Mr Winkle ?
Be sure to click on his story and learn about this cute pup!

Beyond that, check out the work of the photographer, Lara Jo Regan.
As the site notes: "Regan is the recipient of numerous awards, including Pictures of the Year awards and the World Press Photo of the Year (her field's highest honor) for a picture of a Mexican immigrant family she took on assignment for LIFE magazine in 2000"
and have a great weekend!

Noticing things

After hearing a telephone devotion from our church about meditation and paying attention, I drove to work the next morning and saw a woman walking east on Lake Street with a cockatiel on her shoulder. I noticed the businesses and enjoyed the diversity of the street. Liberally sprinkled between chains like McD's and White Castle are small and very unique businesses. It's very commercial but it serves as an expression of the community surrounding it.

My favorite student art work in the recent Coexistence exhibit at the new art building, Regis Center for Art on campus was the work by Aaron J. Beaulieu and Edgar Yanez-Herrera. It shows the city of Minneapolis but really features Lake Street. Dianne and I spent the longest time looking at this one piece and we were pretty sure when we left that we'd still missed many details.

This morning I noticed a police car parked crossing one lane on the bridge over I-94 near my house. I took a walk and saw that the westbound lane of 94 was empty - a delightful idea - but I did not find out what the occasion was. No accidents. Perhaps a travelling dignitary? a political candidate? a terrorist? an escaped criminal?

I wasn't as interested in that - since there is always something going on near the freeway - fire engines, accidents, road construction, noisy motorcycles, cars with bad mufflers - but it reminded me to get outside and take a walk. My sister was excited to hear about my new hollyhocks - yellow doubles - I had taken a walk last night and discovered more hollyhocks in the alley - yellow and red singles.

So this morning I took another jaunt and found and garden up on St. Anthony to be in full bloom. It's planted by a historical marker about the oxcart trail. I'll get some shots in here one of these days. It does make me long for a digital camera. It's like having your mouth taped shut not to be able to send images right away! Spoiled by technology.

May Flies

May did fly. It's July and finally the weather is contemplating going into summer mode but it's been some time coming. And the May flies, I believe, have thrown themselves onto the pedestrian bridge in an act of love or suicide, I'm not sure which. Wish I had a digital camera.

The snowball bushes are blooming on West Bank right outside the door of Blegen Hall. Lovely! So civilized...

As we clear out a space in the Wilson Library Reference Room to add a large table for computer workstations, the view to the paved outside world has opened up, perhaps the largest span of window space first floor has ever enjoyed. But it's marred by the sight of an Info kiosk that has been shorn of its flyers, stripped down to stapled corner edges of colored paper. It looks a lot like a trash bin turned inside out. Maybe we can plant something living to hide the view of it. Beyond the kiosk is a lot of brick and before it, pavement.

Scheier sculpture

Take a look at Ed Scheier's sculpture. My favorite is the 7th from the end on this site:

His sculpture shows the influence of African art and is very symbolic.

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