May Flies

May did fly. It's July and finally the weather is contemplating going into summer mode but it's been some time coming. And the May flies, I believe, have thrown themselves onto the pedestrian bridge in an act of love or suicide, I'm not sure which. Wish I had a digital camera.

The snowball bushes are blooming on West Bank right outside the door of Blegen Hall. Lovely! So civilized...

As we clear out a space in the Wilson Library Reference Room to add a large table for computer workstations, the view to the paved outside world has opened up, perhaps the largest span of window space first floor has ever enjoyed. But it's marred by the sight of an Info kiosk that has been shorn of its flyers, stripped down to stapled corner edges of colored paper. It looks a lot like a trash bin turned inside out. Maybe we can plant something living to hide the view of it. Beyond the kiosk is a lot of brick and before it, pavement.

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