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Church denies communion to 8 year old girl

Communion Mom Looks To Vatican (CBS)

Girl with digestive disease denied Communion (NBC)

An eight year old child's communion is being invalidated because the communion wafer didn't contain wheat. How ironic to read about the church invalidating a child's communion when yesterday's gospel talked about Jesus healing on the Sabbath. Well, I confess that I gave up on the Catholic church hierarchy years ago and this is yet another sad example of why I'd never go back. I joined the Lutheran church and a liberal congregation (Reconciled in Christ, among other things) so perhaps yesterday's gospel in my church wasn't read in Catholic churches yesterday, but I remember hearing it as a kid - Jesus reminds his critics that the law serves us, not the other way around. And I am well aware of many Catholics - priests and nuns included, however many there are left of them - who would agree. It's unfortunate that the networks have to pick up this kind of bad news about the church, but maybe their stories can serve as a catalyst for change.

Let's all pray for the Vatican to make a WWJD decision.


If you missed the DNC last night you missed a mighty powerful evening. I don't know when I've heard that many great political speeches in one block.

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