Comments working

I put in a couple comments and then later deleted them, but they do appear. That's good  because we'll want staff and other U folks to be able to comment.  

How does sorting by popularity work?

MNCat Plus includes an option to sort results by popularity. Unlike relevance ranking, which is based on the content of the record, the popularity ranking is based on actions that users take with the record. A Primo record gets a popularity "boost' each time a user clicks the GetIt! button, adds the record to the e-shelf, or calls up the full display. Because we have only had Primo for a relatively short time, popularity sorting does not yet provide consistently helpful results. However, we can expect the results to improve over time as users perform more transactions in the catalog. For an example of the different rankings produced by relevance and popularity, try searching on "Watergate". We have received many requests for other sorting options within Primo, including title and author. We definitely have let Ex Libris know these additional sorts are needed, but the company has not yet made firm plans for providing them.

Just testing

I'm just testing my ability to author.  I haven't used any of the U Think Blogs before.  -- Connie


I am going to wait until Shane talks about the new blog software on Tuesday before I turn on "enable comments." 

MNCAT Plus downtime on Sunday, June 21, 5am-9am

MNCAT Plus will be down for routine maintenance on Sunday, June 21, from 5am to 9am CDT.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the Test version of the MNCAT Help page

Greetings! I've just created this blog on the new software at UThink and added the Primo Management Group members as authors. Let me know if I have missed anyone.