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I found the beginning of this article to be extremely shocking. A town that seems like a great place for one to raise their family had such a terrible epidemic happen. I find it sickening that there were 14 year old girls who had up to 50 sex partners. No one should have that many sex partners, but even worse by just the age of 14. It's scary to think that so many of these young teenagers put themselves in those situations because it was the norm of their age group. This was a great example of how much we are affected by our peers around us. I'm sure many of those teenagers were in fact good kids,but they let what was considered cool at the time to sway their judgement and ruin their lives.
It was interesting to read about how one's friends can play a large role in one's weight gain. Without realization people are affected by their surroundings. If their friends are constantly eating unhealthy without working out most likely the person will begin to have similar habits. I find this to be very relevant to my life. When my best friend started caring about being healthy and working out, it made me more aware of my unhealthy habits. Seeing her being motivated to become healthier was a huge motivation for me to do the same.
Another topic that the reading discussed was smoking. It talked about how people are more likely to quit smoking if their friends do.I found this to be pretty obvious. This is similar to the topic of one's weight gain.If someone changes their behaviors for the better it gives us an incentive and desire to do the same.

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