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December 13, 2008

Power Point-Insect

Here is a lesson plan I've made it is involving an animation made through power point.

Download file

December 9, 2008

Fish Final


This is my final project for this class. I decided to do the mixed media project combing different technologies. I took a painting i did in a previous class inspired by William Wilson and put it into Photoshop. From there i switched around the colors in different layers and frames. I made it into an animation an imported it into imovie where i added music that I made from garage band, and transition effects as well as sound effects. Then I put it into a Quicktime movie to finish it off. I really liked doing this project it was really fun to see the different colors and create sound and movement that goes along with the animation. The inspiration from William Wilson is so fun because he uses magic marker to create these marvelous wild drawings and I think this video does that also.

This would be a really fun project for students to do also because they can use previous art work and integrate it into an animation, make the painting come alive! This would teach the students how to import and export files as well as get involved with garage band and imovie.

Download file

Brainstorming-Digital Lessons

*Claymation with inspiration from Wallace and Gromet. Students can make a caracer out of cla and a background to move it in.

*Sand art using different tools to create ideas of morphing.

* White board animation and humans. There could be a monster that squishes a human, or a human juggling balls made simply by drawing on the white board.

* Using PowerPoint students can create a video showing a hobby they like and how movement effects it.

* Students can draw a picture of themselves, take a picture of it and have an animation of them interacting how they normally would with each other.

December 3, 2008

Holy Rosary


Kendra and I have decided to make a lesson plan about PowerPoint animation and use it in a nearby school. Our lesson is to make a animation in PowerPoint. The animation is to include an insect. This insect needs to transform from at least one simple object to the insect in an interesting movement. We plan on teaching the students about transformation and how to use a "paint" program to make their insect and import it into power point. From there we will make our animation. In the end some sounds from garage band will be added. Below is how we've structured each day and how the day actually went

Day 1:
Intro: (10mintues) Explain Animation/ what we are doing.
Show examples we've made
Open up Programs (PowerPoint and Paint)
Being in Paint Program: (15 minutes) Show students tools to use
Tell rules of insect (3colors, white background)
Make transformation object
Import images (10 minutes): Put both images into PowerPoint on separate slides
Have two slides in the end one with insect one with transformation object
Make 3-5 slides total
Save (5minutes): Have All students save work in folder

Reflection: So the day went pretty well. I didn't expect the students to be on such different
levels as far as technology goes. The intro went well, the students seemed really excited after they
saw the examples we made. We started by opening the paint program. Some students caught on
really quick while other took way too long! We got a little behind schedule. We showed them how to
import their images and make slides. By the end of the day everyone had at least two slides done.
This just means next week they'll need to finish the slides... We did get far enough where we're not
in trouble on time yet!

Day 2:
Intro (10 minutes): Today we have to get all slides done otherwise we won't be able to add music!
Walk Through Slides:
Total make 10-20 slides
First one or two slides are a transformation shape ( if the student has more than one
transformation shape they can have a total or 2 or 4 transformation slides)
Next 7-10 slides are insect
Last 2 slides are transformation

Duplicate Slide (directions on Board)
Kendra will show students how to "animate the slide" (students can now touch the computer)
-rotation, size, move off page, order of slides

Work time (25 minutes): Kendra and I will walk around to help students with questions
Save throughout (5 minutes)

Reflection: Today went well. Most kids got their slides down and we'll be ready for the next step a
week from today, adding music and stringing the slides to make an animation. What i didn't realize
would happen is that all of the students are at such different levels. Some got 50 slides done
others only 15. Either way I think everyone is happy with what they've created. It was kinda of a
hectic day because it was so much running around from kid to kid. Something i learned is
demonstrations are really hard to do with computers. No matter how many time we show students
how to do something they managed to do something completely different. In the end I'm really
happy how today went and I'm really excited to see how they turn out!

Day 3 (last day):
Today we just needed to rehearse timings and get sound through out the slide show. Last class
Kendra and I practiced to make sure all the sounds would work on the computer. They did so we
figured this class would be good to go! Once the sounds was on students were to save them on
their flash drives that they brought and the projects were finished!

Reflection: CLASS WAS BAD! The sounds did not work! We figured out once you took the CD out of the
computer they would no longer work. We tried burning the song onto the computer, making it it's
own folder. It didn't matter. So our first class didn't get any sounds so we had to bring them all
home and later today i am bringing them all back to the teacher so the students can have finished
ones. The second class we found a Beethoven default song that all the kids used as their sound.
Which ended up working it just wasn't as fun. Most of the students in the second class finished it
all. It ended up being okay everyone learned how to use the program and add sound. The CD I
made for the teacher also had directions to add sound so If the students wanted to do it again or if
they didn't get found in the first place they can certainly still do that. Overall it was a good
experience to learn about technology and how to work out some problems!


Here are some of the animations students did!!

Download file
Download file
Download file
Download file
Download file

Lesson Plan:
Download file

December 2, 2008


This is a website I've created with images from my Digital Class

This is a podcast I've tried creating for the first time. It needs some work but it's a start.