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Stop Motion while substituting... risky

With the school year almost over, and my first subbing experience coming to an end I wanted to do something bold. Being requested multiple times by a 6th grade teacher in Portland, Oregon I thought this would be a good class to create a stop motion film with. Knowing I would sub for Ms. Bodnar a few times in May I slowly started to create my stop motion unit. I was lucky that Ms. Bodnar was so supportive of my Art licensure and encouraged me to do an art lesson with her students.

It started a few weeks ago when I was with the 6th graders for a day. I planned a lesson exposing them to stop motion. I created a worksheet where students just placed their thoughts, ideas, and comments, reminding them that there is no wrong answers. We watched a number of stop motion videos. The videos included previous ones from my blog that past students made, a Coldplay music video, white board animation, claymation, and so much more. We then discussed various ideas after watching the videos. Some example questions were...

1. What was your favorite video and why?
2. Would you call stop motion art? why or why not
3. Is this something you would ever want to try and create? It takes a lot of patience and responsibility.
4. Which type of stop motion did you like the best? (sand art, white board, claymation, people, etc...)
5. Do you think this class is mature enough and responsible enough to plan and create a stop motion together? In what ways is this class responsible?

Today 5/16 I was back in Ms. Bodnar's class and ready to start the process. It started with brainstorming ideas for characters and plots with the class. After the class decided on a plot I needed to decide who was going to make props, characters, operate the camera, move object and so on. Students who wanted to be a camera operator, background designer, or character builder had to write me a note explaining why they would be able to do a good job with the responsibility. It worked out really well. In some way all students in the class were adding something to the stop motion film process. It was really fun to let students excel in areas that interested them.

Tomorrow 5/17 the process beings. We already set up the background and have materials ready so tomorrow will be all about getting the frames done and smoothly doing this throughout the day without disturbing other lessons for the day.

Pictures and video will be posted soon!

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