December 9, 2008

Fish Final


This is my final project for this class. I decided to do the mixed media project combing different technologies. I took a painting i did in a previous class inspired by William Wilson and put it into Photoshop. From there i switched around the colors in different layers and frames. I made it into an animation an imported it into imovie where i added music that I made from garage band, and transition effects as well as sound effects. Then I put it into a Quicktime movie to finish it off. I really liked doing this project it was really fun to see the different colors and create sound and movement that goes along with the animation. The inspiration from William Wilson is so fun because he uses magic marker to create these marvelous wild drawings and I think this video does that also.

This would be a really fun project for students to do also because they can use previous art work and integrate it into an animation, make the painting come alive! This would teach the students how to import and export files as well as get involved with garage band and imovie.

Download file