September 18, 2008

New Media Art Book

Shredder 1.0

Mark Napier has created a website the deconstructs websites into art. He has created a way (through Perl script) to deconstruct a website and have the codes and visuals from the website combine to make abstract pieces. My favorite part of the shredder 1.0 I the fact that you the view picks the website for it to deconstruct. It’s a very interactive and held my attention for hours. I put in so many different website I was familiar with and watched them turn into abstract pieces. A point Napier is getting across is the back scenes of web pages, the things we don’t think of or see. Once through shredder codes, symbols, and text jumble over the screen that have to do with the website. As Napier says “By interacting with the work, the visitors shape the piece, causing it to change and evolve, often in unpredictable ways. The user is an integral part of the design.? I think this work Napier does can related to children because of the internet use that we use today. So many children and students are on the internet more thank once a day. I think with the art that Napier does it may make students think about web pages more and the work that gets put into them. It would be fun to have a class design a web page about Napier's Shredder 1.0 and then have them use it in the shredder to see what comes out of it.

At the website below you can try it out for yourself!