My First Blog as GA, Second Year and Experienced Marketer

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The summer is over, everyone is back from their amazing vacation/ internship. Atleast, I can proudly and definitely say that this was one of the best summer ever period.

As most of my friends were suited up and ready fro interviews during January, I enjoyed wearing t-shirts and full grown mustaches as I had already obtained my internship with DELL from the career conference - NSHMBA! Being, the only person who had got this internship in the past few years from Minnesota I was excited and scared of what to expect.

I went down to the lands of Austin, TX for the first time ever this summer, not expecting much but boy was it an amazing place to go! Loved the city, loved the culture at Dell and I can assure I used everything that was taught to me by my marketing professors at Carlson and business etiquette in networking taught by GBCC.

I loved it! I was proud to have represented University of Minnesota where we did not have much of a presence! I was the 'Intern Committee Chair' and had a great time holding that position!

Back to Minneapolis! I started craving Austin, but thanks to my friend Steve we made a trip to Boundary waters two days into my arrival in Minnesota! It was tiresome but great! Canoeing, camping and fishing for the first time ever!!! I did catch a walleye and northern pike!

Once that was done! It was time to meet all my friends from class I missed from the summer!! Yes!! we all went to the first year - end of orientation Happy hour and had a blast! hugs and high fives everywhere!

To show a brief perspective to the awesome culture and community we have built, just recently we had our first Carlson wedding!! Our classmate Dr. Richard Harrington got married to his beautiful fiance Laura Kubitsa this past weekend! For me, that was the highlight so far since it was the first every american / british wedding I have ever been to!

I have picture from the wedding reception, where the carlson gang outnumbered Richard's and Laura's parents and friends showing how awesome we are!!
But parallel it is has also been lot of work, its that time of the season again! Resumes, interviews, coffees, info sessions, meetings, presentations and conferences!! Yes, I will again be attending the same conference NSHMBA that I had tremendous success at last year, hoping to continue the good run! I will be joined by atleast 20-30 more of my buddies from first and second year! We plan to make U of M proud and get some offers in the process.

Until then thanks for reading this entry! and hope to keep you posted about the life of a Carlson second year MBA !

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