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Arete QuickStart manual published

I launched the Arete Developer's QuickStart Guide today from the Arete project home page. I think that the University has more ability than it really understands when it comes to using the UMWiki platform for publications. We're really quite fortunate to have this system in place.

Documentation authoring is simple on UMWiki. I used to publish a lot of articles in various online tech journals such as and, but the ability to push out professional-quality documentation and keep it up-to-date on a minute-by-minute basis was never something that my publishers could offer. I would rather write and publish for free on the UMWiki platform than get paid to write for my old publishers, not because I have something against the publishers--they were great. But this technology really puts me where I want to be, which is in the driver's seat.

Anyway, enjoy the quickstart manual. I'll be writing a lot of these in the near future, I think. There are dozens of projects here on campus that could use documentation like this.