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Pushing the edges of design on the UMWiki

I wanted to take a second to show off a brief glimpse of what can be done with a firm understanding of CSS to one's UMWiki web. Now, I don't recommend this if you don't know CSS, and I definitely recommend it if you're looking to learn CSS. The UMWiki is a great case study in what you can do with style sheets.

Here's what the Arete project page would look like in the UMWiki if I just used the standard template.


And here is what it looks like after my style customizations:


Finally, here is a list of topics that show how I did it:

Everything aside from customizing the cascading style sheets and switching to the nat skin involved saving a copy of one the WebHome topic to my desktop so that I could peer into its tag structure and what the element classes are. Michael Daum did a great job with the Nat skin, and proper respect is owed to him.