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Work on the new modal logic core is underway

Now that the project structure overhaul is done, I can focus my attention on the modal logic core. My first steps in this arena are wobbly, as they involve a complete overhaul of the core algorithms that undergird our system, and even a reevaluation of the API terminology.

Before I can instantiate an alethic system, I must first determine the core architecture of an extensible propositional logic language, based on "K". I'm exploiting Java's built-in concept of exceptions to handle the behavior of contradictions in the logic core, and encapsulating contradiction as a foundational principle of the entire logical system. This idea comes directly from Garson's text on modal logic.

Right now I'm experimenting with the concept of a sentence, and trying to build propositions, contradictions, and conditionals all as sentences. One challenge is that a conditional uses two sentences and I wish to keep the API distinct for the time being from the imperative logic API that I've been using thus far. So, I might be spending some time with the Organon to find meaningful vocabulary. I'll also be returning to the logical lexicon I established earlier this month.