April 26, 2007

ARETE-USER mailing list is up and running!

The arete-user mailing list is up and running! I've posted information and instructions to subscribe and unsubscribe to the arete-user list at the Arete project home page.

These lists will be open to the public, and the arete-user list archives are searchable from the University of Minnesota LISTSERV homepage.

April 23, 2007

Project mailing list is on its way

The project mailing list is on its way! I heard back from the University's IS department, which oversees the creation of new mailing lists on the campus listserv system. They have heard the cry, and hopefully we'll have a mailing list by the weekend.

April 20, 2007

No word yet on setting up a project mailing list

Earlier this week I requested an arete-user mailing list address here at the University, but have not yet heard anything about it. I have a sinking feeling that the request for setting up the project mailing list could be denied, which would open up a new front in infrastructure requirements for the general UMFoundry effort.

The good news is that the blog got a face lift last evening, and is looking pretty sharp. Once the mailing list goes online, I'll report with updates.



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