April 23, 2007

Arete 1.0-alpha-04 Released!

After an invigorating two-week-long codebender, I can proudly announce the release of Arete-1.0-alpha-04! This version seriously beefs up the infrastructure of the project, and includes the following improvements:

  1. An improved project directory structure brings us much closer to a Maven2 build
  2. 100% unit test coverage!
  3. The addition of a new example application--a Rock-Paper-Scissors game simulation.
  4. A vastly improved I/O subsystem, with much more robust error checking and reporting for XML files

But that's not the end. Really, the project is maturing at a steady pace, and with full unit test coverage we can begin to turn our attention to a boat-load of new features that are in our project JIRA, including more and better example applications and advanced engine cores. It is an exciting time in Minneapolis.



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