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Shouts for Bill in the middle of the night

Tonight's problems started at 2:07 AM. I was woken up by men in the back alley yelling up to "Bill". They go away after a while and I start to drift back to sleep. Then, at 2:34 AM I'm woken again by men making loud bird noises up to the building, trying to wake someone up on the third floor. It's that same damned bird whooping, like they're in an old western movie.

2:40 AM as I write this. There are loud, deep pounding noises on the doors downstairs. I'm terrified to go down.

I'm going to get dressed and walk to Dinkytown to sleep on a friend's couch. It's dark, I'm afraid to turn the lights on. I don't want them to know I'm leaving. The pounding continues. I can hear it, two floors beneath me. I dress and get everything I need, then look through the keyhole.


Everything seems clear, so I leave.