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Smoking in the Hallways

Today while I was leaving to go to the Wedge for some groceries, there were a couple of people smoking in the hallways. It didn't smell like cigarette smoke, so at first I thought it might be a fire in the building and got a little worried. I asked them if they knew what was wrong, and they told me it was a cigarette and that they were sorry. It was odd. They apologized for the "extra traffic" and told me they were "staying with their Uncle in the building for a while". I didn't ask where they were staying, but wish I had.

Actually, I wish I'd called the police. Next time I see them I'm going to. I did take their photographs however. Here they are--a male and a female who turned her back so I couldn't get her face on camera.



I calmly told them that I was going to alert the building manager, but the woman was very upset that I took her photograph, and told me she was going to call 911. I would have welcomed that, but I know that the City of Minneapolis has ordinances against smoking in common indoor areas so wasn't worried at all.

A few hours later I decided to start this blog. I need somewhere I can log all of the stuff that happens in this building, because I live here and I don't feel safe. The livability problems contribute to an overall atmosphere of crime and impoverishment that end up inviting larger problems.


I will be looking out for the bad element in our building, You as concerned tenants should be doing the same. We have not had any problems for awhile until now. Tenant had apt. broken into and another had her car stolen. Lets all help each other and stop this from happening again. Thanks