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The efforts of management are definitely helping

This building's management has been extremely active and responsive to the problems we've been having of late. I don't want to give the impression that they're not working on our side or are ignoring the problems here, because they are most definitely not.

I think that the best recipe for success in resolving problems with crime in apartment buildings is when law abiding tenants keep an open channel of communication with their landlords. Good news and bad news should flow both ways, (as long as the privacy of the tenants isn't violated, of course). The reason that problems in Mallbrook got as bad as they have is, in my opinion, because we the tenants were probably more forgiving and timid than we should have been. Since the building managers don't live in the building, they don't know what we don't tell them.

Although the last few weeks in the building have been a very frightening experience, the management of the building is convinced that these problem tenants aren't nearly as organized or intelligent as they might have frightened us into believing. So far nobody (that I know of) has been injured and all of the problem tenants have been very cooperative in leaving the building when asked. I had a very peaceful night's sleep on Thursday.

The other tenants in the building whom I've met in the last two weeks have been nothing but kind and considerate, decent people. We're definitely in the majority, and I foresee a very stable and comfortable living situation coming into form this summer. One of the things that I'm keen on doing is cleaning up the garden spaces between the buildings, getting the trash out of them, and finding ways to help the neighborhood dog owners clean up after their pets so our sidewalks don't get littered on.