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A very quiet Sunday

Today has been the quietest and most relaxing Sunday I can remember in some time here at Mallbrook. I've been resting and enjoying the quiet all afternoon.

It is the first of the month, so the garbage situation in the back alley has emerged once again--the dumpsters are overfilled and spilling into the alley. I don't think this is too difficult to solve, nor is it necessarily caused by folks in our building. There are six buildings that share an immediate vicinity to our plot of alleyway, and this tends to concentrate the problem. One thing that could help dramatically is if all of the apartment buildings on the block reminded their tenants that they were required to use garbage bags. It seems like a simple and common-sense thing to do, but I often see people upturning containers and dumping the garbage directly into the dumpsters. Homeless people will later come by and rifle through all of the loose garbage looking for blankets or alcohol, discarded clothing, and aluminum cans. I also think that we could use two more dumpsters--four to be shared by six buildings is proving insufficient. This, however, would cut into parking space and might prove impossible.

When people vacate and move into the building, I think there is a tendency to overstress the railings in the back staircase. The railings coming up from the ground floor to the second floor have shaken loose and need to be reaffixed to the wall. It's probably just wear and tear, but it's noteworthy.

I also saw today that the security camera was wrenched around and pointing at the wall near the first floor rear entry. I turned it back to face the entrance, but I'm not sure if it's actually connected yet, after being damaged earlier in March. These two minor issues and a burned out lightbulb on the third floor hallway mark the only areas of improvement that leapt to mind today.

Make no mistake. The difference in atmosphere between today and two weeks ago is palpable. I feel like a siege is being lifted on the building, and I'm very happy to spend a quiet and restful day at home.


I would of liked to say it was a quiet sunday, but it really wasn't. You do remember that our floor is where people sleep on the stairs and sometimes fight. However overall I do agree with you about it being quieter.

This weekend there was some dirnking and loud activity in the hallway it started with visitors knocking at doors till the person let them in (ie.they must of gotten into the building with somebody else). My neighbor had some funky white powder and sunflower seeds on the floor(I hope he wasn't upset).

I also noticed that the camera was having problems again. It certainly is a problem when people don't want to be photoed.