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May 5, 2007

One fine spring.

The apartment building has been reliably quiet of late, and I'm much happier, as might be shown by my lack of recent posts. Incidentally, I've also been quite a bit more productive in my software development, and have started to feel quite comfortable and safe in the neighborhood. There are some more condos that are opening up nearby that I expect will have a positive impact on the neighborhood, and with spring in full effect I've been able to ride my bike quite a bit more. The Stevens neighborhood is magically situated in the middle of everything, between uptown and downtown, the lakes district and the University, easy access to the freeway, it's really very pleasant.

One of my favorite things is to ride my fixed-gear Bianchi at night or during storms up Nicollet to the green-way, which is like a freeway for bicyclists, and take that under Uptown, ride hard around the Lake of the Isles, and then up the massive hill on Franklin, back toward Hennepin and across, down the hill toward the Wedge on Lyndale, where I stop for a recharge and putter home. It is a delicious and scenic ride.

I'll post pictures soon of the hanging vines on the side of the building--one of my favorite things in the spring and summer. There are pigeons that live on the windowsill in my bathroom. My lease was set to expire on July 1 and I had considered giving two months notice, but because of the diligence of the people in this community I have discovered a new sense of confidence and decided not to leave. I'm looking forward to another scorching summer and pleasant autumn in my new home.